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Experiment 43 Othell Rogue: Single vs Dual Daggers damage

Тема в разделе "Experiments Archive", создана пользователем Yumi, 3 апр 2013.

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  1. Yumi

    Yumi Innova Group

    tags: [god] [stats]

    amazing! yumi has won an opportunity to visit the training of othell rogues in one of the local academies and was very excited about that. there was a group of people like her, lucky ones, that were shown around the academy by a guide who was also telling a lot of interesting facts about the establishment.

    the most fascinating part about this excursion was that they got to watch rogues training. yumi and others were standing at a part of the building that reminded a long, protruded balcony, from which they had a great open view on the training field below them.

    on the training field was a team of rogues practising with each other and with wooden figures that in this case served as a prototype of enemy.

    their agility and speed were incredible. yumi was gazing at them in awe.

    'i wouldn't like to have any of them as my nemesis,' thought yumi.

    suddenly, one of the rogues rushed forward very quickly and literally sliced off the head of one of the wooden dummies with one hardly noticeable movement.

    the crowd around yumi nervously gulped, while she thought:

    'what kind of damage does he inflict with that blow?'

    purpose: in a series of tests, calculate the minimum, maximum and average damage when an othell rogue uses a single dagger/dual daggers with different str/dex values.

    test conditions: two characters took part in the experiment: a level 99 dwarf othell rogue and a level 99 orc sigel knight.

    the dwarf was equipped with the following items:

    amaranthine shaper focus +4 0 atramaranthine dual dagger damage +4 0 atr
    the orc was completely unequipped.

    the dwarf had studied the following passive skills:

    dual dagger masterysuperior dagger masterysuperior critical mastery
    the dwarf successfully used the [​IMG]blood stab 8 lvl skill 1,000 times for each of the dex/str values and each of the weapons used in the test. the results were put in the table below:

    weaponstrdexmin dmgmax dmgavg dmg
    amaranthine shaper13050186524012526448
    amaranthine shaper10080182943913327226
    amaranthine dual dagger13050173954032725452
    amaranthine dual dagger10080170894012826341
    str - dwarf's str
    dex - dwarf's dex
    min dmg - minimum damage from blood stab
    max dmg - maximum damage from blood stab
    avg dmg - average damage from blood stab per 1,000 successful skill uses.

    conclusion: min dmg and max dmg with the blood stab skill with 130/50 str/dex are higher than those with 100/80 str/dex. on the contrary, the average damage from blood stab is higher for 100/80 str/dex due to a greater number of critical hits with blood stab.
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    Scarl и orbi_ нравится это.
  2. itherus

    itherus User

    mrr like it....
  3. Aminiryku

    Aminiryku User

    lf mini upgrade of infomation: dual class 95 lvl skills. p. attack vs skill attack +27% (some informations says skill attack dont work...)

    would be good over all for tests here.
  4. mYzor

    mYzor User

    master's rage (27% skill power) doesnt work with othells stabs, read horatio's post in: https://4gameforum.com/showthread.php?t=14974

    now, to save deepblues keyboard :d:

    DeepBlue нравится это.
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