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New player - help with class/ races

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Traxe, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Traxe

    Traxe User

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    hello everyone,

    i played in l2 on interlude/ gracia, and now, i don't know about how to approach this game and god.
    in may will be new chronicle and 32 classes, so i have some questions.

    i want choose a class best for me.
    i like pve game - raid bosses, etc, but l2 is more pvp game?
    what character class to choose to be good in pve, but in pvp to give advice?

    i like magic classes. i played spellsinger, but now we have 4th profession level and feoh wizard.
    do elf is good for this class on chronicle god, and in future on linvindor?
    i've read that it better is dark elf, or kameal (on god) much truth in this? whats in livindor?

    how is finding a team/ party when i am feoh wizard?

    - - - - - -

    i would like to play in pve (<- mainly)/ pvp with party/ clan, but i would also be independent in grind/exp.

    what you propose to me?
    i wonder most of the feoh wizard, because i have affection for him, but i would not have a problem finding a team for raid bosses?

    i guess as a healing class (aeore healer), no team can not gain experience?

    or maybe another class (magic / ranged) will manage to gain experience of yourself as well as easy to find the team?

    thanks for help
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  2. RedWind

    RedWind User

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    hello traxe,

    if you love play as feoh it will be good class for you
    after livindor ->

    feoh storm screamer
    * inflicts damage with 517 power on a single target by strongly detonating elemental destruction
    * increase m. atk. by 10%

    feoh soultaker
    * for 10 seconds, greatly reduce the target's m. def. by 50% and resistance to the 6 elemental attributes by 50.
    * increases m. atk. by 5%, max. mp and mp recovery rate by 5%.

    but to make sure you need ask some feoh here :)

    aeore is most needed class on server (clans,cp,raids) at this time
    -> for me best option is human aeore healer

    now i will give you some description of gameplay as healer
    list of classes hard to play in pve (from the most difficult)

    -> aeore healer;
    -> tank;
    -> iss;
    -> othell/feoh;

    and like always
    better play class what you like :)
  3. Traxe

    Traxe User

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    thanks for reply.

    just a moment ago i thought that same.
    since then worrying about which class to choose, i lost interest at all to think about the game...

    i played as a mage (wow / l2) and healer (wow).
    the difference is that in wow mage had no trouble finding a team, and the healer while gaining experience, be able to do the same.

    i'm afraid that playing as feoh - it will be difficult to catch a team to the collective learning experience.
  4. Zebedin

    Zebedin User

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    feoh is treated like a gargabe, healer often treat team like a trash, mostly both of them could be plain bad
    in my opinion there is non class that cant do well in skilled player hands that use brain ofcourse
  5. Zenaj

    Zenaj User

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    hello, i'm just returnig to l2 after i was many years away, and i wanna start healer. but for some reason i always hated looks of human mages, so who is better to pick - elven or dark elven aeore?
  6. Player1

    Player1 User

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    dark elf passive its +10%matk and -10% mp cost for skills so its good for 1vs1 (olympiad) and best for mana menagment in party.
  7. ginaki7

    ginaki7 User

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    i am fun of the d elf healers long ago! so i would say d elf...and for the starter of the post it would be better if he made a healer...after 85 he will always have a pt.
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