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March is over

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Cheers, 4 апр 2013.

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  1. Cheers

    Cheers User

    core battle tournament
    well, that was spectacular! that was emotional, that was unusual, that was our first, that was overwhelming, that was everything. we cried, we laughed, we mourned, we cheered. hopefully, so did you. but generally a sense of unity, i think, within the community as well as between the community and the administration is what made it so special. you've heard the beautiful voices of our wonderful commentators who even burst into a song after the final match had been played! but some good things tend to come to an end, and so did the tournament, leaving us with a sense of excitement and some sort of nostalgia. damn, we had a great time.

    almighty cross-server challenge
    after one tournament comes another one, even bigger this time round! it is a start of a cross-server challenge where european players have a wonderful chance to show off their skill against russian servers! so let's give it up for our core contestants and cheer for them!

    st patrick's day
    oh, that one was very-very greeeen. it was actually quite a task to throw around ancient adena for people to pick up because, well, some of the players were right at your tail following you as you spilled "gold", and then the locations were quite vast and "leprechaun gold" not that noticeable. eventually we managed to collect the gold for our leprechauns. i have to say, it was quite a task to make you, people, actually drop ancient adena, because, for some strange reason (ancient adena is useless!), some of you thought it'd be fun to pick up the adena the moment it was dropped my somebody else! why? perhaps, it was your way of having fun, or a storm of "accidental" (yeah, sure :)) misclicks. eventually, we got the message through, you dropped the adena and got the rewards. thank god.

    you, love birds! 11 submissions to get married. isn't that beautiful... the best part about your submissions, i think, is the poetry that you write. it's actually pretty cool :) so keep up the good work and we're looking forward to seeing more of loving hearts willing to get married.

    l2store update: gender/name change
    o-oh, yes. here it is. no more gender or name limits, there is only your wish. want to feel more masculine of feminine? you're welcome to use gender change ticket! don't like your name any longer? then name change ticket's at your service. that's a really good opportunity for those who crave for change in their lives. grab the tickets and off you go towards a new life!

    easter's gone by now but it leaves a nice trace after it in the form of some perks here and there for you, guys, to enjoy. not much to say, really.

    enjoy the springtime!
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