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Star Agathions removal

Discussion in 'Archive' started by CaptainMoebius, Apr 9, 2013.

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  1. CaptainMoebius

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    ahoy, fellows!

    due to copyright issues all unopened star agathion boxes will be deleted.

    the knighthood's fortune box will be temporarily unavailable in l2store. this item will appear in store, but it will not be available for purchase.

    all players, who have star agathion boxes and who haven't opened them will receive following compensation items:

    [​IMG] xp rune iii (lv1-99) 50% pack (7-day)

    [​IMG] scroll of escape: town of aden

    [​IMG] scroll of escape: talking island village

    [​IMG] scroll of escape:*guillotine fortress

    [​IMG] teleport scroll: fog of blood region

    [​IMG] teleport scroll: ruins of ye sagira

    [​IMG] teleport scroll: parnassus

    [​IMG] teleport scroll: seal of shilen

    [​IMG] star agathion's gift

    [​IMG] sp rune 50% pack (7-day)

    sorry for the inconvenience.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.