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Experiment 50 Healing Power

Тема в разделе "Experiments Archive", создана пользователем Yumi, 17 апр 2013.

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  1. Yumi

    Yumi Innova Group

    tags: [god] [item modification]

    i don't know why, today i feel
    like finding out the way to heal.
    to boost the heal, to be precise.
    a useful test, believe me, guys.​

    purpose: in this test we shall check the dependence of healing power on various factors: the weapon's m. atk. (enchantment), the character's int value and the use of spiritshots.

    characters: level 99 aeore healer and tyrr warrior. both characters are completely unequipped and have no buffs on them.

    test conditions: in the course of the test the aeore healer healed the tyrr warrior with the [​IMG] radiant heal skill while using three kinds of weapons:

    [​IMG] blessed amaranthine caster [acumen]
    [​IMG] blessed specter caster [acumen]
    [​IMG] blessed apocalypse caster [acumen]

    the weapon will be enchanted by +0, +5 and +10. we are going to heal the target with each weapon thrice, the first time without using spiritshots, the second time using [​IMG] spiritshots - r-grade and the third time using [​IMG] blessed spiritshot - r-grade.

    the test was carried out twice: the first time without tattoos (the character having 55 int), and the second time with a +15 int tattoo (i.e. 70 int in total). during the test we shall record how much hp the healing restores and how much m. atk. the healer has.

    the results are as follows:

    55 intm. atk.no spssps - rbsps - r99+10257029093111317699+5205526102809287299+0181424702668272995+10248428593060312695+5196925602759282195+0172824202617267885+10229127472947301185+5177524472645270685+01535230725042563
    70 intm. atk.no spssps - rbsps - r99+10337629173121319199+5267626162818288499+0235024762676274195+10325928673071314095+5256025662767283395+0223424262625268985+10299727542957302585+5229824532653271785+01971231225112573
    conclusion: weapon enchantment, as well as using spiritshots, increases healing power considerably, while increasing int, on the contrary, does not give a significant bonus.
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