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Experiment 54 Altitude and Chance of Evasion

Тема в разделе "Experiments Archive", создана пользователем Yumi, 24 апр 2013.

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  1. Yumi

    Yumi Innova Group

    tags: [god] [other game mechanics aspects]

    one day i fought a pvp,
    yul archer was my foe.
    he climbed a high and bluffy hill,
    while i was far below.
    i couldn't even think of this:
    my every strike was just a miss.
    so does the height affect the rate
    of our chances to evade?​


    there is a myth popular with players: if you climb a wall during a siege, it will be harder for the enemy to hit you. in other words, the higher your altitude, the more likely your enemies are to miss you as they attack you from the ground.

    we decided to put this myth to test. the test conditions were the following:
    attacker: elf yul archer, no equip, no buffs, with 179 p. accuracy.
    target: dwarf sigel knight, no equip, no buffs, with 171 p. accuracy.

    we did two tests.

    test 1: the yul archer was shooting at sigel knight, while both characters were standing on the same flat area (their altitude was the same).
    test 2: the sigel knight stood on the wall of aden castle, while the yul archer was shooting at him from underneath.
    we made 1,000 shots for each test and recorded the number of misses.

    the results of both tests are presented in the table:

    testmissed shotstest 1 (equal altitude)132test 2 (different altitude)594

    the test results leave no doubt that a character that has climbed a wall is much less vulnerable to attacks from the ground. however, we decided to carry on the experiment and do one more test.

    test 3: this time the character did not climb a castle wall, but an upland area in the sea of spores we also shot at him from underneath 1,000 times and missed in 613 cases. it is worth mentioning that the characters' accuracy and evasion characteristics remained unchanged throughout the test.

    conclusion: when pvp-ing, it makes sense looking for an elevated place, no matter whether it is a wall or a hill. the higher you are placed, the more chance you have of evading the enemy's attack.
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  2. Lirialia

    Lirialia User

    it is said that there is a direct link with terrain elevation and critical hits.
    if the archer was at the walls and the tank beneath him, that the archer would land more critical hits to the tank below him, compared to shooting from the same flat area. is it possible to add this in this experiment?
  3. DeepBlue

    DeepBlue Head Moderator (EU) Head moderator

    as has been explained a few times already, at the moment we are not taking any new/additional requests for tests until after the lindvior update so that the team can concentrate on getting as many pre-existing requests done. after the update we will re-open the requests thread for submissions and then you can submit your request for additional testing there.

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