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Lindvior OBT General Info

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем CaptainMoebius, 28 апр 2013.

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  1. CaptainMoebius

    CaptainMoebius User

    dear players!

    as you know the lindvior update is coming soon, so we would like to publish the plan of the obt opening beforehand.

    in the past so called “wild testing” has proved itself to be rather ineffective, so that it served only for “showing” rather than “testing”. this time we decided to give players more time and resources to test the things they are interested in. the main differences between the upcoming obt from the previous ones are:

    1. creating pts environment before the actual update so that the players could test not only new contents but also 0703a -> 3.0 transition.
    2. concurrency of internal testing and obt (normally they run sequentially). it means much earlier start of the obt and increase of its duration relative to the testing process as a whole.

    thus, everyone can feel the difference between the pre-release version and live release for themselves and be a part of the transformation. but! it’s really important that you understand the risks and inconveniences that come along with it:

    1) at early stages an update contains a lot of problems (both localization and functional ones, to the point of complete absence of part of the contents);
    2) pts is a work environment, that means that:

    - the server can be temporarily down (e.g., for installation of new patches) with or without notice. by the way, if you can’t find the npc test server helper mr. cat in place , it’s a sign of a recent server shutdown. he has not been put into place yet (it is done manually).
    - there is a testers team working at the server and their work has the priority. for any attempts to interfere with their work or pretending to be one of them you will be punished (on the pts). the testers can be identified by their clan: testinggroup, testinggroup1, testinggroup2 etc, or similar title.

    summing up: if you don’t want to risk and want to enjoy the stable version, you better not visit the pts and wait for the update to be released on live.

    so the theory is out there, it’s time for the practice:

    the exact date of the obt (the date of 3.0 installation on the pts) is fully dependent on the state of the client, so it will be announced only when we have some certainty. however, even now you can enter the pts and get everything ready for the incoming 0703a -> 3.0 transition.
    it is highly recommended that you have everything prepared before the 15th of may.

    now there is a script applied on the pts for giving out several items and 99th level [after the character creation]. the item list:


    bound eternal helmet (heavy) +3
    bound eternal gauntlets (heavy) +3
    bound eternal boots (heavy) +3
    bound eternal shield (heavy) +3
    bound eternal breastplate (heavy) +3
    bound eternal gaiters (heavy) +3

    bound eternal circlet (robe) +3
    bound eternal gloves (robe) +3
    bound eternal shoes (robe) +3
    bound eternal sigil (robe) +3
    bound eternal tunic (robe) +3
    bound eternal stockings (robe) +3

    bound eternal leather helmet (light) +3
    bound eternal leather gloves (light) +3
    bound eternal leather boots (light) +3
    bound eternal leather armor (light) +3
    bound eternal leather leggings (light) +3


    antharas' earring +3
    blessed valakas' necklace +3
    earth wyrm heart ring +3
    istina's ring +3
    istina's earring +3
    tauti's ring +3


    bound amaranthine shaper +3
    bound amaranthine dual dagger +3
    bound amaranthine cutter +3
    bound amaranthine buster +3
    сbound amaranthine dualsword +3
    bound amaranthine slasher +3
    bound amaranthine thrower +3
    bound amaranthine shooterа +3
    bound amaranthine avenger +3
    bound amaranthine caster +3
    bound amaranthine retributer +3
    bound amaranthine dual blunt weapon +3
    bound amaranthine stormer +3
    bound amaranthine fighter +3
    bound homunkulus' sword [conversion] +3


    eternal bracelet
    dawn's bracelet


    rabbit ears (str)
    rabbit ears (dex)
    raccoon ears (con)
    raccoon ears (men)
    cat ears (int)
    cat ears (wit)
    romantic chapeau (p. critical rate)
    romantic chapeau (critical damage)
    angel circlet (p. def.)
    angel circlet (m. def.)
    angel circlet (evasion)
    demon circlet (p. atk.)
    demon circlet (m. atk.)
    demon circlet (accuracy)


    blessed spiritshot (r-grade)
    soulshot (r-grade)
    spirit ore
    elixir of blessing
    superior elixir of mind (r-grade)
    superior elixir of life (r-grade)
    superior elixir of cp (r-grade)
    freya's soul cloak
    scroll: 10,000,000 sp (x380 + 20 more in the hero' support box)
    superior giant's codex - mastery
    lesser giant's codex


    lv5 str symbol - legendary dye
    lv5 dex symbol - legendary dye
    lv5 con symbol - legendary dye
    lv5 int symbol - legendary dye
    lv5 wit symbol - legendary dye
    lv5 men symbol - legendary dye

    attribute stones:

    wind crystal - super
    earth crystal - super
    water crystal - super
    fire crystal - super
    holy crystal - super
    dark crystal - super


    top-grade magic ornament seraph belt pvp skill attack
    top-grade magic ornament seraph belt pvp defense
    top-grade magic ornament seraph belt pvp physical attack


    green soul crystal (r99-grade)
    red soul crystal (r99-grade)
    blue soul crystal (r99-grade)
    gemstone (r-grade)


    adena(4 billion)
    mentee certificate
    mentoring guidebook
    hero' support box
    stone of destiny

    you can find all above mentioned items in your private warehouse, except for adena and stones of destiny.

    also, in some cities (talking island village, gludio, dion, giran, heine, oren, aden, rune, goddard, schuttgart) you will find the npc test server helper mr. cat. he is usually located near the gatekeeper.

    those who want to change their level for a lower one or level up their sub/dual class should ask gms for help, but they will be able to help only on certain days/time/place.

    schedule (gmt +0):

    fri 17 may 12p.m. - 4 p.m.
    sat 18 may 5p.m. - 6 p.m.
    mon 20 may 5p.m. - 6 p.m.
    thu 23 may 4 p.m. - 5 p.m..
    sat 25 may 5 p.m. - 6 p.m.
    tue 28 may 5p.m. - 6 p.m.

    place: talking island village, in front of administrative office.

    please note that:

    1. you are not allowed to ask gms for anything else except for level change, clan level change and clan reputation points (or you would be a nice candidate for gm prison ;)).
    2. to change your level you will have to sit down for trade and write the desired level in the private store sign message (please abide by this rule – the chat will be ignored).
    3. you must be in the class that needs level change (please do not wait for a gm to change your dual class level while being in main class).
    4. by default the sub-class can be upped to 80 level max. to get the 99th level you must accomplish the dual-class quest ("split destiny", you can get the quest from npc hadel at the 80th level after the 3rd profession).
    5. your sp will be limited with the sp amount you'll have at the beginning and 400 sp scrolls. please make sure to first learn all the skills on all subclasses and only then start enchanting them, gms won't give you additional sp.

    you can learn how to access the pts here.
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  2. Horatio

    Horatio Amigo

    dear players,

    in case you need any assistance or additional information, you are welcome to leave a comment here.

  3. Horatio

    Horatio Amigo

    dear players,

    the frost security system has been updated on pts today. please perform a game client check ("restore game" option on the website) before logging in. in case you encounter any problems, please let us know a.s.a.p.

  4. CaptainMoebius

    CaptainMoebius User

    dear players,

    please note, that the gm appearance schedule has been changed.

  5. Amritsar

    Amritsar User

    dear players,

    as we are going to have a lindvior raid on thursday at 5 p.m., the gm assistance schedule has been updated once again.

    you can find gms on thursday, 23 may, from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. (gmt +0) in talking island village in front of administrative office.

    thank you for understanding.
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