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Premium Account PL -> EU

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем xSaint, 5 май 2013.

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  1. xSaint

    xSaint User

    hello i recently started on the new polish server lilith , even though i do not really speak polish i thought it would be fun regardless , now i had to use google chrome to pretty much translate everything on the forums/website. it was doing well until i figured out that when i payed for my premium accounts on lilith they were not active on core.

    why would i think they would be you might ask? well , that's simple, the game accounts were shared between both servers the staff had said there was no need to register a new game account for lilith and that we could log in with the accounts we made on core, so i presumed that if i purchased premium account on lilith they would be active on core , i mean from a logical stand point it seems i made a safe presumption in case i did not like lilith. i put up with lilith for a while but eventually the language barrier was too much for me to handle so i said time to go play core , but wait i had no premium on neither of the accounts i purchased them on and i purchased premium for 30 days for two accounts.

    i have submitted a support ticket days ago and i have received no help at all which is why i am coming to these boards. is there any way innova can please transfer my premium accounts to core on my two accounts? right now its just sitting there and i would like to play on core.
  2. DeepBlue

    DeepBlue Head Moderator (EU) Head moderator


    i'm afraid forum staff can not deal with account queries, only support can deal with those. if you pm me with your in game nick i can try and chase the ticket for you.

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