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Hi all!

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Kimura, 6 май 2013.

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  1. Kimura

    Kimura User

    so i was kinda trying to figure out what kind of game this. i am atm playing aion and wanted to finally try linage.
    is this a pve game? or is a free pvp world where i will have no chance to lvl up cause of people killing me all the ti,e. now i like pvp and i used to play warhammer online and loved it, and i really hope that one day another game brings back the scenarious (battlegrounds). so can someone tell me more about this game please?
  2. Elesmira

    Elesmira User

    first of all welcome to lineage 2...to get straight into the matter yes the game is open world pvp/pve game and about your consern of being killed by others, there is a penalty for them if they kill you while you did not fight back..their name turns red which means that they can be killed by others loosing much experience points...on the other hand if you do fight back and be killed their pvp points will just rise by 1.

    to be honest i doubt you will encounter any pvp before reaching 85 lvl.

    the whole philosophy of the game starts with the creation of your avatar in the game...you are picking up a path to your final class and while you lvl up you must change your equipment from time to time...it is an online game so during this procedure you make friends, allies and enemies :)

    the game holds many secrets and i doubt anyone knows them all :d. i suggest to find a site to get informed for the game since it will be possibly seen as a very difficult game on start from your eyes...:p

    but as it seems our community is very helpfull so i dont think you are going to have problems about how the game works at the end :)

    cya ingame
    Mermel нравится это.
  3. ginaki7

    ginaki7 User

    hello and welcome!i dont know if you have any clue of lineage but i will try to explain you as much as i can.first of all you need to check races and classes of each race so you know what to create.you can check l2gc.com its helpfull and you can see skills at each level for every class.until 85 you will not have problem for level up.1-40 level you follow the chain quest and go where it says.after 40 you go xp at certain places and you also do some daily quest which gives you xp.about armor/weapon/jewels you dont have to worry cause they are all free from the evolutionary path until 85.what you need is when you log and have the mentee's certification in your warehouse to find a mentor.these will give you permanent buffs and a bonus xp buff of 200%.its not hard find mentor.i would love to help you and explain you things and tell you places that you can go for xp.when you are in game pm or message cher0uvim.

    ps: only problem is i cant be mentor cause i play only afternoons and maybe our times dont match so you wont have buff and xp buff but i am sure there are plenty of ppl who leave their pc open all day as my mentor did for me :)

    ps2: try to join clan so you can make friends and xp become easier and fun but avoid join clans with war cause then ppl 90 or 95+ will come and freely kill you to take pvp points as elesmira mentioned(i left the clan i was in academy cause ppl 95 lvl killed me and couldnt xp).i have joined a clan with no wars and it has a lot of clan skills so if you are interested tell me.later when you lvl up a little and make decent gear you can join clans with wars you can handle.

    good luck i hope you start soon and if you level fast it would be nice to also play together in party!have fun and dont hesitate to ask not even a little silly thing.knowledge is for share
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  4. Finality

    Finality User

    find me ingame if you would need help or advice :p
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