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PTS: How to access

Тема в разделе "PTS: Technical Issues", создана пользователем Amritsar, 29 апр 2013.

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  1. Amritsar

    Amritsar User

    To get access to the PTS please follow the instructions below:

    1) Re-install your 4game application.
    - for this please click the "Update 4game" button in the left down corner of the game page (Main | Classic)
    2) Open the link to boomarklets.
    3) Find 4G: change game environment link and drag it to the bookmark bar of your browser.
    4) Go to the Play (Main | Classic) game page, click the bookmark and you'll see a window in the right upper corner with the help of which you can change the environments. Select "PTS" in the list, press Back button.
    5) Install the PTS client into a separate folder. You can create a copy of your current client and point the copied folder as a destination to speed up the process.
    6) After the installation has been completed you can run the game via Play button.
    7) To go back to Live server, press the small grey “Settings” button located above the “Play” one, select Live from list and press Back button.
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