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Experiment 59 Rare Soul Crystals and PvP Damage

Тема в разделе "Experiments Archive", создана пользователем Yumi, 15 май 2013.

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  1. Yumi

    Yumi Innova Group

    tags: [god] [item modification]

    a special crystal can bestow
    your weapon so that it can show
    it has two specials at once.
    besides, there a certain chance
    that it enhances pvp
    by 10 percent. ok, we'll see.

    it is a known fact that when bestowing a special ability on a-grade and above weapons, one receives a bonus of +5% pvp damage. rare soul crystals were introduced in goddess of destruction, allowing players to get a double sa on their r-grade and above weapons.
    let us see if enhancing weapons with rare soul crystals brings about extra pvp damage. the following characters took part in the test:

    attacker: level 99 human tyrr warrior, equipped with an [​IMG] eternal leather set (enchant-type/light), [​IMG] an amaranthine slasher, an [​IMG] amaranthine slasher - haste and an [​IMG] amaranthine slasher - haste + focus.

    target: level 99 human aeore healer, equipped with an [​IMG] eternal robe set (magic-type).

    test: the tyrr warrior uses the [​IMG]mega strike +0 skill against the aeore healer. both characters are without buffs, neither soulshots nor momentum were used. the test is done for each of the weapons mentioned above, the results are recorded.


    the damage inflicted with an [​IMG] amaranthine slasher without sa equals 1,257.

    the damage inflicted with an [​IMG] amaranthine slasher – haste equals 1,320 (5% bonus).

    the damage inflicted with an [​IMG] amaranthine slasher – haste + focus equals 1,386 (10% bonus).

    conclusion: enhancing a weapon with a rare soul crystal increases damage in pvp by 10% and therefore is beneficial not only in terms of getting a double special ability.
    jehnova нравится это.
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