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Lindvior Localization bugs

Discussion in 'Archive' started by CaptainMoebius, May 17, 2013.

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  1. CaptainMoebius

    CaptainMoebius User

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    ahoy, fellows!

    please report all localization bugs found in lindvior it this thread.

    we strongly encourage you to report all the bugs you notice in the game. here are some rules and recommendations of how to submit a bug report.

    please include the following into the bug description:
    1. detailed description of the problem, for a complicated bug - a detailed description of all steps to reproduce it. please also indicate whether the bug can always be reproduced or occurs with a certain chance.
    2. screenshots and/or videos of the problem. please mark an exact spot with the problem on screenshots.

    general recommendations:
    1. make all the videos in the best possible quality.
    2. submit all the screenshots in the original size or their clickable previews.
    3. refrain from using spoilers in your messages.
    4. 1 bug = 1 post. please do not include several bugs into one post.

    note: all reports arranged against the rules, such as screenshots with no description or reports with vague descriptions, will be processed last.

    your message will be deleted if:
    1. you have posted one of the issues already reported in this thread.
    2. you have reported a well-known bug from a previous version.

    1. bugs are not discussed in this topic.
    2. information about any fixes is not provided here.
    3. all irrelevant posts are deleted.
    4. pts access is discussed in a separate thread in technical issues.

    very important:
    if you found a bug allowing to gain a great advantage/profit in the game (an exploit), please report them directly to passkey in a private message and do not post them here.
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  2. Razzly

    Razzly Banned

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    should be "increase effect +1%" even though its a debuff

  3. oderon

    oderon User

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    dual class reawakening description

    this dialog text for dual class reawakening is no longer up to date in lindvior:


    the 2nd/3rd class skills provided are not based on human classes but you get exactly the skills of the class you're turning into.
    i.e. if you want to change to iss doomcryer you will get 2nd/3rd class skills of doomcryer.

    additional video showing how the system works:

  4. Nyweris

    Nyweris User

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    iss sword muse = specializes in defense abilities and silencing nearby enemies.

    dat silence is not working!!! or it has 0.1% chance land rate? trololo... epic game with not working skilz...

    and it's main elf skill why one should choose this class!!! it land rate should be 50-80% as it's just for 10s not like 2min as was in old times...

    delete wrong section ><

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