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I Am Lineage 2 Honor Code

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем CaptainMoebius, 18 май 2013.

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  1. CaptainMoebius

    CaptainMoebius User

    rules of promotional event (honor code)

    “i am lineage 2”​

    1. general requirements​

    1.1. event title: “i am lineage 2” (“event”).

    1.2. innova co. s.à  r.l. (“innova”) with its place of business at 26-28, rue edward steichen, l-2540, luxembourg (company registration number: b 156.444, vat number: lu 24513529) acts as the promoter of the event.

    1.3. terms and definitions used below:

    1.3.1. “twitter account” – account created in online social networking service and microblogging service “twitter” (the service operated and provided by twitter inc., 1355 market street, suite 900, san francisco, ca 94103) belonged to innova.
    1.3.2. “innova staff” – innova’s employees and representatives.
    1.3.3. “lineage 2” – massively multiplayer online role-playing game lineage 2 published and provided by innova according to the license _granted by ncsoft corp. (republic of korea).

    1.4. event competition period: from 20 may, 2013 till 1 september, 2013 in the territory of albania, andorra, austria, belgium, bosnia and herzegovina, bulgaria, croatia, cyprus, czech republic, denmark, estonia, finland, france, germany, greece, hungary, iceland, ireland, italy, latvia, liechtenstein, lithuania, luxembourg, republic of macedonia, malta, monaco, montenegro, netherlands, norway, poland, portugal, romania, san marino, serbia, slovakia, slovenia, spain, sweden, switzerland, turkey, united kingdom, vatican city.

    1.5. the results of the event will be published on the website https://eu.4game.com/

    1.6. the goal of the event is to promote innova and lineage 2.

    1.7. information related to the event is published on the website https://eu.4game.com/

    1.8. innova may at any time by its sole discretion and without prior notice change and correct these rules. information related to such changes will be published in the same way as these rules.

    2. requirements for participation in the event​

    2.1. an individual may become a participant of the event (“participant”) if he/she:
    2.1.1. is a user of lineage 2 (i.e. he/she is a party of user agreement with innova)
    2.1.2. performs actions as per article 3.1. herein

    2.2. innova staff may not participate in the event.

    2.3. every participant:
    2.3.1. shall read, understand and obey these rules;
    2.3.2. has a right to refrain from participation in the event at his/her sole discretion;
    2.3.3. has no right to transfer his/ her rights related to participation in the event;
    2.3.4. completely agrees with these rules and will strictly follow these rules;
    2.3.5. clearly understands all conditions and consequences of his / her actions and the corresponding provisions of these rules.

    2.4. each participant solely bears all expenses related to his/her participation in the event (including but not limited to, internet services costs).

    3. procedure of the event.​

    3.1. actions necessary for participation in the event. each participator who meets the criteria mentioned in article 2.1. herein and who pretends to participate in the event shall perform all the following actions:

    3.1.1. fill in the registration form placed on the website https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1bom2gi_7rgreoe0gkbov8y6mrb01z1ez-x5fgo4cll8/viewform and provide accurate and precise information;
    3.1.2. describe in the abovementioned registration form the reason why he or she is willing to obtain a right to use the twitter account and the reason why such obtaining would be interesting for other lineage 2 users;
    3.1.3. submit information mentioned in articles 3.1.1.-3.1.2. herein by clicking the corresponding button.
    3.2. a winner of the event shall be determined solely at innova’s discretion in the following way:
    - accuracy and faithfulness of filling in the registration form mentioned in article 3.1.1.;
    - originality and ingenuity in the description of the reason why the participant is willing to obtain a right to use twitter account and the reason why such obtaining would be interesting for other lineage 2 users.

    3.3. according to the performance of necessary actions mentioned in article 3.1. herein a participant may be recognized as a winner of the event meaning that he/she obtains a right to use the twitter account at his/her sole discretion, but in a strict adherence to paragraph 4 “rules related to using twitter account”, for a term 7 (seven) days (“prize”).

    3.4. the prize may not be substituted by cash consideration or any other substitution unless otherwise is provided at innova’s sole discretion.

    3.5. each participant hereby confirms and understands that strict adherence to paragraph 4 “rules related to using twitter account” provided herein is a mandatory condition for obtaining the prize.

    3.6. innova has no obligation to enter into any correspondence, conversations with the participants except otherwise provided herein.

    3.7. these rules shall be governed by the provisions of the grand duchy of luxembourg without applying any conflict law principles. innova and the participants hereby consent that all disputes arising in relation with the rules and/or event shall be referred to the courts of luxembourg city, the grand duchy of luxembourg.

    4. rules related to using twitter account​

    4.1. for the purposes of using the twitter account the winner confirms and agrees that he or she is obliged to follow with twitter terms of service, twitter rules, twitter privacy policy and any other applicable rules and guidelines established by twitter inc. which actually exist or will be developed in future.

    4.2. any content, created by the winner during the period of using the twitter account or links, that violates these rules, legislation, morality and ethical principles, rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights is subject to deletion. the winner shall note that actions taken will be considered on a case by case basis and may thus result in more severe actions. the winner shall keep in mind that the categories listed below are not exhaustive and inappropriate conduct of any kind may lead to content removal or loss of posting privileges.

    4.3. in case of violation of any of the rules herein innova reserves the right at all times (but does not have an obligation) to remove content created by the winner and change the twitter account password.

    4.4. for the avoidance of doubt the winner confirms and agrees that by using the twitter account the winner will not obtain any rights related to lineage 2 software, innova logo/trademark etc.

    4.5. the winner is personally responsible for all content posted via the twitter account at the period of time when the winner has such right. innova and/or innova staff shall not be responsible for the winner’s actions performed over the period he/she uses twitter account. the winner confirms and agrees that in case of any violations committed over the foregoing period innova may transfer the winner’s personal data to authorized government bodies (including police) upon the corresponding request. innova presumes that over the period the winner uses the twitter account the winner does it personally.

    4.6. the winner shall not transfer login/password of the twitter account to any third parties without innova’s prior written consent.

    4.7. the winner shall not modify or delete the twitter account without innova’s prior written consent.

    4.8. the winner shall not modify or delete content created by users who used the twitter account before (previous winners) without innova’s prior written consent.

    4.9. the winner shall not use words related to innova in posts created via the twitter account or pretend to be an authorized representative of innova as well as pretend to be a member of innova staff. the winner shall not distribute false information and rumours related to lineage 2, to innova (innova staff), to other lineage 2 users, to other innova’s projects and innova’s business partners.

    4.10. for the avoidance of doubt, innova reserves the right at all times (but does not have an obligation) to remove the winner’s content and change the password of the twitter account over the period the winner uses the twitter account (for instance, in case of the winner’s inactivity, violation of these rules, twitter rules etc.)

    4.11. swearing is forbidden. the winner should use proper language and keep posts clean.

    4.12. attempting to deliberately offend or provoke other users is forbidden.

    4.13. any promotion of hacks, exploits and malicious software is strictly forbidden, including the mentioning of names, the posting of screenshots, links, downloads and / or instructions.

    4.14. this twitter account is for players, not for innova staff. impersonating of innova’s employees or volunteer personnel (including, but not limited to gms, moderators, and support volunteers) in order to mislead other users is forbidden.

    4.15. content related to disciplinary actions is considered private information between innova and the affected party. this includes, but is not limited to infractions, forum suspensions or bans, in-game suspensions or bans, appeals. posting foregoing content is forbidden.

    4.16. posting content threatening or harassing other users is forbidden.

    4.17. discrimination of any kind is forbidden. this includes content that could be construed as discrimination against a particular race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual preferences, language, religion, age, group of players (e.g. rating, experience, mode preference, etc.).

    4.18. discussion of illegal, obscene, adult, morally questionable, and other sensitive topics / avatars / signatures is forbidden. examples of topics that are not appropriate for this site: software piracy, politically controversial events and opinions, controlled substances, and any subject considered "18+" or "adult", graphic violence.

    4.19. advertising is forbidden. advertising includes, for instance, referral links, website promotions and product placement.
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