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new on the server, looking for clan

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Kimeko, 22 май 2013.

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  1. Kimeko

    Kimeko User

    hello everyone,

    i have started on core a few days ago after a very long break fom the game. last time i played on naia (na) starting a few months before it went free to play and ending some months after that due to the "joy" of bots infesting the game (i had reached my tollerance level). i am very happy to note that this is a non-issue on core, as far as i could see ingame and on the forums.

    i am still a way away from the 90s; currently 59, in an academy and have found a 24/7 mentor (happy dance). i'm progressing nicely, considering i've mainly solo-ed the content so far. i'm a bishop going for aeore (cardinal), with plans to dual a wynn (arcana lord - i miss the purrs).

    this being l2 and knowing my track record, i will very soon get bored out of my skull if i try going at it solo. for this reason, i am looking for a clan. i'm interested in finding a group of mature, friendly, english-speaking people to play with. the bigger the clan, the better - more people available to party with, less problems if player x isn't online at this or that time. clan activities should be both pve and pvp oriented, and members should be willing and able to help out a fellow player (as opposed to expecting everyone to be born with all the knowledge in the game). in my specific case - i have had little contact with the newer areas of the game, and even less proper pvp experience (no, being pk-ed by a red-weapon-wearing rocket is not pvp experience) - so i do need to learn more about those.

    if you could recommend such a clan, please let me know (here or ingame). i'm not looking for a "carebear" clan (although, hey! carebears are cute and all that... you know, for kiddies), but i'm also not fond of "griefers" who have no better way to spend their time than killing random players left and right with no reason whatsoever. i understand this is a pvp game, but it needn't be a free-for-all of "let's bugger up this person's day".

    for my part what i can offer such a clan is respectful and honorable behavior, a wllingness to learn and improve, help wherever i can and dependability (i always keep my commitments, baring extreme situations). if you respect me, i will respect you. if you help me out (within sensible limits), i will help you out (within sensible limits). i cannot play every day, and i can also not play every waking moment - such is the life when you have a job and are involved in more than one beyond-the-job activity. i do, however, like this game (evidenced by the fact that i keep returning to it), so i do want to have a serious go at it.

    my timezone is gmt+2.

    thanks for reading, and apologies for the wall-o-text (hope it didn't crit you).
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