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Lost paquets issue

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Golgotha, May 25, 2013.

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  1. Golgotha

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    hi all

    i come to seek your help 'cause i've tried everything i can and i still have problems with lineage 2 connection

    so i often got what seems to be "lag spike" (1 to 5 sec where i can't do nothing) and sometimes got disconnected with no reason ...

    i'm using windows 7 + avira (have tried both with avira protection on and off )
    have cable internet connection with avarage 30mb/s and 5ms ping on speedtest.net

    i've made a ping -t (seems to be game server) for 5min and here is what i got with paquets

    sent paquets : 300 /// received paquets 269 /// lost 31 (10%)

    times : min 21ms /// max 80 ms /// avarage 35 ms

    i don't know if 10% lost is "big" but i think my problems comes from this ...

    so if u guys have any advice to help me it would be very apreciated

    ty by advance
  2. Razzly

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