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Lindvior Live en Core Mañana 4 de Junio

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Dashira, 3 июн 2013.

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  1. Dashira

    Dashira User

    buenos dias:

    me complace poder deciros que lindvior capitulo 3 de goddess of destruction estara instalado maà±ana en core dia 4 de junio. espero que lo disfruteis y gracias por la paciencia de esta gran espera.

    un saludo

    ahoy, fellows!

    emergency weather forecast for aden:

    the storm has been impending for quite some time now. and it will finally strike on tuesday. we declare the state of emergency. a series of tornadoes will sweep through aden destroying everything on its way. several twisters will drive through the continent threatening the lives of citizens. according to the storm prediction center elmoreden will be at risk of severe thunderstorms and dragons falling from the sky.
    we strongly advise you to gear up, find trustworthy companions and fight for your lives.

    tomorrow, on tuesday, june 4th the long-awaited lindvior update will be installed on core!

    check out the promo website if you still haven't.
    you can learn about the changes in patch notes part 1 & part 2.

    please note that:
    1) the characters will be teleported to the nearest cities.
    2) the characters in a flying transformation will be teleported to aden continent and won't be able to cancel it by themselves.
    3) the deletion of a clan/alliance will be completed right after the update is installed but the penalties will be applied.

    evolutionary road will stop functioning.

    also with the update the following items will be deleted:
    1) stone of destiny
    2) mentee sertificate
    3) mentoring guidebook

  2. Bers Ser

    Bers Ser User

    Paso a cerrar el tema por viejo. Ademas el Livindor ya tiene un poco de años desde que salio. Cualquier queja sobre mi decisión son libres de comentármela por privado.
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