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Some Campaings seem to bug

Discussion in 'Game Bugs' started by Solial, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. Solial

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    some campaigns seem to bug


    yesterday, at 20h30 (gmt+1), the campaign "care to dance" started at fantasy island. my friends and i went to it, and did the first stage very easily, very quickly. it was a success, my friend "helise" was the top contributor, we received our mark(s) and we waited for the second stage of the event.
    but nothing happened, we waited until 21h10 and nothing at all happened.

    and the fact is that two or three days ago spawned at the same hour the campaign "bat country" at fantasy island again. my friends and i did the first stage too, quickly too. it was a success too, and my friend helise was top contributor too btw. and we waited for the second stage... which never spawned too. we waited until 21h10 too, to be sure, for nothing.

    so, those campaigns seem to bug and honestly, i know that we are not the only ones who care about the rewards that they give for top contributors at the end of second stages. the first time it bugged we said ourselves "**** happens" but we started to be worried the second time.

    can u confirm the bug? can u explain it ? is it fixeable? if it is, when?

    thx :)
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