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List of 4game Errors

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by Horatio, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. Horatio

    Horatio Amigo

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    dear community,

    some of you have encountered various errors lately, while attempting to launch lineage ii from the website. here is the list of the most common 4game errors and their descriptions:

    error 703: not enough free space on the hard drive.

    that's easy to solve - make some room for the game files or select another drive.

    error 704: failed to update the files.
    error 705: failed to launch the application.
    error 706: client files have been modified.
    error 708: the game is not installed

    reinstall the 4game-application and restore/install the game client.

    error 710: 4game-service has not started.
    error 711: 4game-service is disabled.
    error 712: 4game-service cannot be launched.
    error 713: no response from 4game-service; 4game-service is restarting.

    in order to resolve these problems, make sure that your account has administrator permission on the pc you are using, close the web-browser and restart the 4game-service.

    how to restart the 4game-service

    - in command prompt:

    net stop 4game-service
    net start 4game-service

    - on the control panel:

    "administrative tools" -> "services"
    find "4game-service" and restart it manually.

    error 721: empty directory indicated as the file path
    error 722: this action cannot be handled due to the current game status.
    error 723: incorrect file path input.
    error 725: component loading error.
    error 726: configuration file cannot be executed.

    correct the file path and/or restore the game client.

    hope this information will be useful for you.

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