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Experiment 8 Craft chance of equipment (R-grade and Higher)

Тема в разделе "Latest Experiments", создана пользователем Tully, 19 июн 2013.

  1. Tully

    Tully Innova Group

    tags: item modification

    guess who's back, back again?
    crafting's back, tell a friend.

    once we have a draft,
    then we can craft
    an item, normal one or blessed.
    the chance for blessed one is lower,
    well, this thing you might have guessed.

    craft chance for equipment (r-grade and higher)


    to check the real craft chance of r/r95/r99-grade equipment.


    character: tyrr maestro, level 99.

    crafted objects: recipe: amaranthine cutter (r99), recipe: eternal breastplate (heavy armor, r99).


    each item was crafted 1000 times. the results are represented in the tables below.

    craft of amaranthine cutter (r99)

    attemptsamaranthine cutterblessed amaranthine cutter10056 200112 300179140025215003261600399170046038005213900584610006597craft chance65,9%0,7%
    total crafting chance: 66,6%

    a chance of getting blessed items is about 1%.

    craft of eternal breastplate (heavy armor, r99)

    attemptseternal breastplateblessed eternal breastplate10062 200128 300201140026515003351600398170046438005365900609510006745craft chance67,4%0,5%
    total crafting chance: 67,9%

    a chance of getting blessed items is about 1%.

    conclusion: it's necessary to point out that sometimes we got two items through one successful craft attempt. the chance of obtaining two items by crafting with one recipe is the subject of another experiment (check out experiment 4 tyrr maestro: chances of double crafting).
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