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Experiment 11 Adding PvP/PvE bonus to Eternal Armor with Elcyum and without

Discussion in 'Latest Experiments' started by Yumi, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. Yumi

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    [item modification]

    elcyum boosts any stuff:
    most commonly, the chance.
    and if the chance is low enough,
    use elcyum – enhance.
    and you will see, the chance will rise,
    will soar!
    i swear you won’t believe your eyes,
    use elcyum.
    the end.

    experiment 11 adding pvp/pve bonus to eternal armor with elcyum and without


    purpose: to determine the chance of adding a pvp/pve bonus in [​IMG] eternal armor with elcyum and without.

    experiment: we have conducted 4 tests with 1000 attempts each. first, we installed pvp-stones without elcyum, in the second test we used 10 elcyum pieces each time, in the third test we tried to add a pve-bonus without elcyum and then with 10 elcyum pieces. successful results are represented in the table:

    testquantitypvp without elcyum605pvp with elcyum818pve without elcyum606pve with elcyum809
    conclusion: using elcyum while adding pvp/pve bonuses to armor increases the success chance by 20%. in addition, less [​IMG] energy of destruction is needed by items upgrading with elcyum: only 44 pieces of energy of destruction is required for improving one eternal breastplate with elcyum, while 80 pieces are necessary without elcyum.
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