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Experiment 15 Lightning Root resistance

Тема в разделе "Latest Experiments", создана пользователем Tully, 17 июл 2013.

  1. Tully

    Tully Innova Group

    tags: [skills]

    lightning root is very nice:
    it can shock and paralyze.
    something, though, you can employ
    to resist this skill.


    purpose: to analyze the influence of various items and skills on resistance to the paralysis effect of the [​IMG] lightning root skill of sigel shillien templar.

    experiment: we'll test different items and skills that increase resistance to [​IMG] lightning root. the use of a
    [​IMG] tauti's ring and the [​IMG] fortitude skill are believed to increase resistance to paralysis significantly. we want to find out whether it can be increased even more.

    the experiment will consist of 3 tests in which two 99 lvl characters will participate.
    character 1: sigel shillien templar, without buffs, no armor except for [​IMG] eternal shield (needed in order to be able to use the skill). this character will cast [​IMG] lightning root on the second character.

    character 2: shillien templar, equipped differently for each test.

    test 1

    character 2 has no equipment, no buffs.

    test 2

    character 2 is equipped with a [​IMG] tauti's ring and uses [​IMG] fortitude.

    test 3

    character 2 is equipped with a [​IMG] tauti's ring, [​IMG] top-grade resistance earring - paralyze, [​IMG] royal guard earring c and uses [​IMG] fortitude.

    each test consisted of 100 attempts.

    the results can be observed in the table below:

    resistancesuccessfailno resistance768fortitude+tauti's ring2610fortitude+tauti's ring+earrings59
    conclusion: the results of this experiment show that paralysis resistance earrings are effective against lightning root skill too and when they are equipped on the character the chance of successful lightning root is minimal.
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