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new laptop

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем gandis, 29 июл 2013.

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  1. gandis

    gandis User

    hi guys, on beginning i'm sorry for my eng. i'm living in uk and i would like to buy some laptop for l2. i have some ł750. i would like to play l2 on minimum average details with no lags. maybe can you show me some links with good laptops for me. i would like to have some i7 (2,4ghz) 8gb ram, some nvidia gf, 64gb ssd + some hdd, 15,6" or 17,3", but i cant find it . pls help me. thx
  2. Hidrica

    Hidrica User

    hi, wanna hear my advice? don't play l2 on a laptop it'll burn.
    also, that specs are quite good maybe you can't find it at that price cause they don't exist xd. well, the problem i see here is that mostly all ssd for laptops are small, and most of them only come or with 1 ssd 128/256 gb or with 20gb +500 gb to boot up, you are not going to get that cheap sorry :/
    also l2 only use 1 cpu if you want it for playing here only fech something with high speed. i7 is quite cool but make sure that is not 1rst i7 generation, they heat a lot, and when i say a lot i mean it. 17.3'' mean that your batery will last 1 hour and a half max just with chrome on. pick a smaller screen cause also you will regret when the weight is destryoing your ****.

    and again, you can't play with no lags on a laptop without heating it to the limit or spending lots of money on it xd (l2 engine is old and uses a lot of resources kidna stupidly overheating the system)
  3. qre8ive

    qre8ive User

    i got a dell xps 17 with first generation i7 (740qm) and i can tell you it gets really warm. right now on high performance power settings, without having anything heavy duty open (just browser/outlook etc) the cpu runs on 70 degrees celcius (with game running up to 80 degrees). i can't use my laptop for heavy duty without using an external keyboard/mouse. i spent about 1200 euro's total on my laptop (also got 12 gb ram) which was 2-3 years ago.

    about finding a laptop with both ssd and a second harddisk is hard. when i ordered my laptop i was able to have it with 2 harddisk slotsso i replaced one with an 80 gb ssd, but if i check the current xps17 laptops it seems they removed this option.

    about the multi-core it's true as l2 is running on the old unreal2 engine which is made for only 1 core. however, if you for example play with 2 clients the game will use 2 cores since windows will assign different cores.
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