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From 85 - 99 xp pt LF:

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Ashe99, 2 авг 2013.

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  1. Ashe99

    Ashe99 User

    hi as in title: lf ppl to together xp from 85 till 99 is not like cp, evry drop is like random pick. why i cr8 this title cuz i want to stay in spot like 4-5h without any ppl qiting in time when we has vitality or nevit...

    about time: we can start from 3 oclock gmt+0 stay i next to 5-6hours.

    spot places: evry day we can start from kartia group 85/90/95 depens of going in lvling, after soa dailys then s2/3

    if any people are tired of wasting time in aden and waiting for party like 20-30mits without any rison ur welcome for pm to me!!

    actualy we need:

    tank: 87-90
    sumoner: 87-90
    iss is me , atm 87 lvl
    tyr/feoh/sum any one with have free time and want to stay in pt time.

    i gona change in time who we need, when ppl will write pm. we dont need skype or ts as i write before is not like cp, who want to stay in this party and spending evry day few hours in exp without any worrys like some one qit or wasting time in city ur welcome to pm!!

    im iss 87 lvl and just get tired of making partys in " party matching " cuz any time i was waiting for pt some one quit when some of us usd vita or waiting for party was taking long time ... so, im stay in game like 5-8hours a day have no any problems with partycpaitng and exping..

    waiting for pms !!

    (sry for my english)
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