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Bug with crossbow/yull

Discussion in 'Archive' started by soweird1989, Aug 6, 2013.

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  1. soweird1989

    soweird1989 User

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    hello i would like to report a bug with the crossbow attack speed.

    i have used the shadow b grade crossbow which says attack speed of slow, and i have 958 atk speed.

    i am shotting slower , by 20-30% than with my apocalypse shooter which says attack speed normal
    and i have 1050 atk speed with it.

    the apocalypse shotter and probably rest of them are bugged and have same scaling as a bow.

    a 900 atk speed of crossbow b grade isnt the same as 900 atk speed of a bow. therefore crossbow is faster
    as it was intenteded but on r grade wep, the same atk speed on crossbow and bow actually is same.

    please fix it and rescale the apocalypse shjotter and the other ones to be crossbow like and not bowlike.

    thank you.
  2. rippie

    rippie User

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    they changed the stats on r+ grade x-bows a long time ago (glory days patch i think), and they left the old crossbows as they were.

    this is intentional
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