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Thinking of playing this game, Have a few questions first :).

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Xemnes, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. Xemnes

    Xemnes User

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    hello everyone, i've been playing a different game for almost 4 years now, and now it's fine for a new game. this one seemed really cool to me for some reason, but before i start i have a few questions. if someone could answer them i would really appreciate it.

    1) is this game active?
    2) what is the max level, how long does it take to get there?
    3) is this game "expensive"?
    4) imagine i'm max level, and i want to buy gear that will put me at the top of the game, how much would that cost?
    5) does this game have any unique pvps? like my previous game,(rohan) it had events where people would pvp, there was a township battle everyday, and a big one on saturdays, and guilds would always be fighting for the top, and so on.
    6) does this game have a good community? do people help out, or everyones too pissed off all the time and doesn't help anyone?
    7) is it easy/not that difficult to make money in this game? to buy armor? or im forced to pay everytime if i'm looking for good gear?
    8) best pvp class?

    thanks :).. i just want to know, specially question "4" because in rohan, it was really ridiculously over-priced, set of armor? 600$.... haha, an end-game weapon? 1k$+, accs? you need 4, and just one would cost you 500$. and so on, in the end you'd have to spend around 10k$ if you wanted to survive with the top players. is this game the same?

    thanks :).
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  2. NeoTiger

    NeoTiger Moderator

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    1) what do you mean by active ? there are a few thousand people here at the same time

    2) 99. 6 months to 1 year, depending of how much you are playing. hardcore grinder can do in less than 6 months ...

    3) this game is free.

    4) well, a lot of hours of farming :d

    5) it's an opened pvp world here. we have also an instanced pvp system called "ceremony of chaos". also another one called "siege" which occured every 2 weeks on sunday.

    6) well, the community here is a crazy one. it's a mix of everything you were asking.

    7) since the big "lindvior" patch, making adena has become harder. note that "adena" is the game currency.

    8) none.

    ps : using real money to buy/sell stuff is punishable here.
  3. A1S2D3

    A1S2D3 User

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    fixed , np
  4. CrossFire

    CrossFire User

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    i doubt, that you will enjoy this game. basically, nostalgia of what l2 was, is keeping the players playing this game. this is a hardcore grinding game and i dont think, that new players will find something attractive in this game. y, it has awesome pvp, but i think it's only thing, that is left good.

    and i would be very happy, if someone could prove me, that i am very, very wrong.
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  5. KSERW

    KSERW User

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    just try it.if you are a hardcore player you will like it. its pvp game but a lot ( most of them) play it for pve. so try it. and dont forget. game is 1-99 lvl but 1-85 its like a tutorial :p not much fun etc. most parties are 85+. so go 85+ and you will like it.
  6. qre8ive

    qre8ive User

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    (for the new guy) as you can see like every other game we got idiots as well :d. but like kserw said, best to just try it on 85+ and let the game guide you from 1-85.
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