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Experiment 26 Damage and Armor types

Тема в разделе "Latest Experiments", создана пользователем Yumi, 21 авг 2013.

  1. Yumi

    Yumi Innova Group

    tags: [other items] [stats]

    there are three armor types in game.
    but which of them is better?
    if p.def. is all the same,
    does it even matter?


    purpose: to test whether damage depends on the armor type of the target.
    experiment: we conducted three tests with three different armor types. all armor sets were enchanted so that they had the same p.def. value (2193 on iss hierophant). in each test sigel hell knight attacked iss hierophant without damage variation.
    attacker and equipment: sigel hell knight, lvl. 99 - [​IMG] amaranthine cutter
    target and equipment: iss hierophant, lvl. 99 - [​IMG] p. def. demon circlet


    armor setdamageheavy [​IMG]82light [​IMG]82robe [​IMG]82

    conclusion: damage inflicted to the character is not affected by their armor type.
  2. Horken

    Horken User

    you could at least use other kinds of weapons not just the 1h sword because there was always a mystery about dagger/bow critical hit formula on robe/light/heavy sets :s
    there should be also another grid with critical dmg inflicted not just regular.
    comparing to your last tests this one is very shallow.
  3. FakeMessiah

    FakeMessiah User

    when people will understand that a test has certain specifications? the team announce exactly what they will test and they post the findings about that. learn to read the results and make deductions. ffs with all the whinning you should test that or this.
  4. Takanodan

    Takanodan User

    from yul archer: (same othell)
    85 superior light armor mastery
    lv.1 – passive skill
    increases str+2, p. def.+89, evasion+7, and mp recovery bonus+10%, may allow you a better resistance against critical attacks +35% when equipped with light armor.

    from tyrr warrior:
    85 superior light armor mastery
    lv.1 – passive skill
    increases str, and also increases p. def., accuracy, evasion and spd. while reducing the chance of receiving critical hits when equipped with light armor.
    p.def increases with 89. +3,6 evasion, movement speed +10 and chance to recive critical attack is reduced with 5%.

    from sigel knight:
    85 superior heavy armor mastery
    lv.1 – passive skill
    increases str+2 and p. def+205 when equipped with heavy armor. also increases mp recovery bonus, reduces critical damage received, and reflects 10% damage received back to the attacker. when your hp falls below 30%, your p. def+280 and evasion+17 are further increased.

    set heavy r99 with defense type:
    set effects
    2 parts con +3, str -1; hp + 521
    3 parts critical received - 3.3%; resistance to shock + 10
    4 parts received heal amount + 108, m. def. + 54
    5 parts p. def. + 103; resistance to attributes + 15, p. def. additional + 7%

    so the tests were most likely made on a char without armor masteries (since even feohs have +p.def with robes) and were to show imo that just because the set is robe or heavy, without anything else (like passive skills), doesn't mean you'll get more damage.