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Experiment 28 STR and Superior Critical Arrow success chance

Тема в разделе "Latest Experiments", создана пользователем Tully, 21 авг 2013.

  1. Tully

    Tully Innova Group

    tags: [stats] [skills]

    today's laboratory rat -
    yul archer. this is it.
    we'll figure out the chance they get
    to critically hit.
    depending on the strength it may
    increase, decrease or stay the same.
    so, this is what we do today:
    we'll test this issue in the game.


    purpose: to learn how str influences the success rate of [​IMG] superior critical arrow for yul archers.
    conditions: yul sagittarius, lvl. 99


    experiment: yul sagittarius attacked aeore healer, lvl. 99 with [​IMG] pinpoint shot, lvl.8. after each hit yul sagittarius's str was gradually being changed from 100 to 150 at a pitch of 10 points. in total we had a sample of 1000 hits for each value, which is divided into 10 parts, 100 hits each.


    conclusion: superior critical arrow (lvl.1) success rate mostly grows when str is increased, however the direct correlation is not obvious all the time. probably it is caused by the fact that a sample of 1000 hits is not enough to determine the exact chance. however, we can suppose that str increase by 10 leads to the skill success chance increase of 1,5%.