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Newbie Question, What should I do?

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Narliza, Aug 22, 2013.

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  1. Narliza

    Narliza User

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    hello guys!
    let me introduce my issue (i'm sorry in advance if i posted this in the wrong board of the forum)

    i used to play back in the c4 times, and i managed to level up a level 62 hawkeye then i stopped.

    a friend recently told me that lineage 2 was going free to play, i then decided to give it a shot, so here i am, currently a level 56 hawkeye on chaos server, i was amazed by the facility it was to reach this point and glad i could in a few hours almost reach the stage where i stopped

    now about my issue, my equipment is starting to get old ( c grade common i recieved after achieving 2nd class transfer) and a low c grade bow i recieved during a wierd kind of quest in forgotten temple.

    and i couldn't find any kind of b grade equipment anywhere, i asked a few people, saying it is better to stay in c until level 61 and i then checked the price of a grade items...

    i'm currently sitting on 1.6 million adena and i'm far from what is needed to buy any kind of a grade equipment, so what do you think i should do? grind "green-blue" mobs with my c grade stuff? any tips on how to find that kind of money to be able to go on?

    thanks in advance for your answers guys, you can pm "narliza" in game also if you have any tips, solutions for a new comer it will be more than welcome!

    have a good evening!
  2. NeoTiger

    NeoTiger Moderator

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    there is no chaos server here.

    since you are playing an archer, buy yourself a plated leather armor and stick with it until you become awakened.

    about b-grade equipments, there are found in aden shops.

    since lindvior, there are new chained quests which give you steel coins. use them to get a new bow for 60 days and improved it to upper grade with those same steel coins.

    edit : it seems b-grade equipments are no longer available except low b-grade in luxury ...
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  3. Elles

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    start a new character and get to know the game from the beginning.

    1-61 is doable in 1 day. and you wil lget free a items for making quests.

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