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Heavenly treasure chest

Discussion in 'Archive' started by sekio, Aug 23, 2013.

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  1. sekio

    sekio User

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    hi ,

    i would like to ask why this box is still in l2store , this box is sold 3.45 euro and in this box there is an item with hight drop probability to drop but the issue is this item isnt supposed to be in the game anymore because ncsoft mother ship decided to change its politics over unidentified stuff so my real question is when are you going to delete seal scroll from this box because atm lot of ppl are being scamed for this .

    i hope you are not going to say some ppl still use bound item

    ty with luv sekio
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  2. Zebedin

    Zebedin User

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    +1 for idea
    allso, it would be cool if they make topic with explained rewards from l2store and screens how item look in game
    why ?
    lets say i want to buy an unicorn agathion xd but i dont know how it looks
    or i want to buy heavenly treasure chest and need to have clear look what this box contains
  3. Amritsar

    Amritsar User

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    hi guys.

    thanks for your observation. we should take measures and re-consider this box in l2 store (remove it from item mall or remove seal scrolls from it).

    and concerning your second suggestion, we already have l2store section on forum where you can see how some items look like in-game. it should be of course enlarged. we'll try to make it more convenient for you.

    thanks once again.
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