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Experiment 30 Bottle of Frintezza's Soul drop chance

Discussion in 'Latest Experiments' started by Yumi, Aug 28, 2013.

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    tags: [quests and drop]

    frintezza's soul and necklace
    are both quite rare stuff.
    halisha's not so reckless
    to drop them fast enough.
    in fact, the chance of dropping
    is close to somewhat lame
    by far it is not topping,
    but more or less the same.​


    purpose: to check the drop chance of a [​IMG] bottle of frintezza's soul.

    experiment: yul ghost sentinel, lvl. 85 killed scarlet van halisha which was white for them. we repeated the test 100 times and counted the number of [​IMG] bottles of frintezza's soul and [​IMG] frintezza's necklaces.


    itemquantitybottle of frintezza's soul13frintezza's necklace18
    conclusion: the chance of getting a bottle and a necklace is almost the same and is about 15%. raid boss drops either a bottle of frintezza's soul or a frintezza's necklace.
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