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Experiment 33 WIT influence on XP recovery

Тема в разделе "Latest Experiments", создана пользователем Yumi, 4 сен 2013.

  1. Yumi

    Yumi Innova Group

    tags: [stats]

    remember the last time we had resurrection
    as issue to test and to do some research?
    today is the day when we take this direction
    (approval is needed from shilien church)​


    purpose: to check xp recovery dependence on wit.

    experiment: in the test we resurrected a female dwarf. her level decreased from 86 (0,0%) to 85 (98,62%).

    aeore healer resurrection

    first we conducted a test and checked if a character's profession influences the amount of xp recovered.

    we created 18 aeore healers of different classes and races and then tried to resurrect a dwarf with the skill [​IMG] blessed resurrection and wrote down healers' wit values and dwarf's recovered xp.

    aeorehumanelfdark elforcdwarfkamaelaeore cardinal78/100%84/100%77/100%74/96%72/93%78/100%aeore eva's saint78/100%84/100%77/100%74/96%72/93%78/100%aeore shillien saint78/100%84/100%77/100%74/96%72/93%78/100%
    as it turned out that profession doesn't matter, we moved on to wit testing.
    these were resurrecting characters in the second test:
    75 wit (dwarf, aeore, lvl. 85. - [​IMG] magic blue wolf set +3 wit)

    76 wit (orc, aeore, lvl. 85 - [​IMG]magic dark crystal set +2 wit)

    77 wit (orc, aeore, lvl. 85 - [​IMG] magic blue wolf set +3 wit)

    they resurrected the same dwarf with the skill [​IMG] blessed resurrection, and we observed wit and xp recovery correlation:

    dwarf (+3 wit)orc (+2 wit)orc (+3 wit)75/97%76/98%77/100%
    iss enchanter resurrection

    in the next test we checked how much xp is recovered by lvl. 85 iss enchanters of different races. each of them resurrected the female dwarf with angel's resurrection and we recorded enchanters' wit and amount of dwarf's xp recovered.

    aeorehumanelfdark elforcdwarfkamael39/40%38/40%39/40%38/40%37/40%36/40%
    although we thought that iss resurrection isn't affected by wit, we decided to check it with extremely high wit values which were set with gm commands. and here are the results:

    wit6768697080909495100recovered xp40%41%42%42%49%56%59%60%60%
    resurrection with items

    in the last test we checked [​IMG] item skill: resurrection (lvl. 9). as it is stated in the description, the skill recovers 70% xp. in our test iss of level 85 with high wit values resurrected a female dwarf, and as before we wrote down wit and xp recovered.

    wit666768708082838490recovered xp70%71%72%74%86%88%89%90%90%
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