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Activity question

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем leafberry, 7 сен 2013.

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  1. leafberry

    leafberry User

    hello. i am thinking of playing again, since on ncsoft i have too big ping, and too many bots. so i wonder what is the activity here? how many active players are actually playing? and are new players still comming to the game?

    i also see that there were no problems with bots on eu server. is this still the case?

    and the final question. is it worth playing?

    thanks for answers
  2. piotress

    piotress User

    nobody really knows how many players are here since there is no online counter system, but there is a pretty good population so finding people is not a problem. we get new players everyday but like before nobody but the staff knows the online count so it would be guessing.

    there are a few bots around but nothing serious, innova eu does a good job of keeping the server clean with their frost system as well as active gm's.

    of course it's worth playing, but unlike ncwest you will find it to be a little hard on newbies since there is no more evolutionary road system (path to awakening). we have the steel door coin system, like in korea, where you do special quests to earn coins to get your gear.
  3. Geo96

    Geo96 User

    i am a person that has many alts, i started playing 2 days before lindvior came. i have 5 awakened characters at the moment, of which two are 89-90. from levels 60 to 85 raid boss parties are very very common. as you level you see other characters and you remember their names and you can easily see which ones are alts and which ones are newcomers. during the leveling of each of my characters it is safe to say that i saw at least 40 new people joining the server. that means that every 1-1,5 weeks 40-50 new people awaken their characters.

    now i will talk to you about my experience with my 90 level characters.
    it is easy as hell to find a party for exp or instances at any level. i see all the previous people that i mentioned on a daily basis, which means that they keep playing after awakening. we have quite the number of pve and pvp clans and there isn't a place on the map that you can go to where you will not bump into somebody else.

    just so you know, i am gmt+2, on weekdays after 2am the party matching rooms arent that many but you can easily find a party for kartia in 8-10 minutes. at around 4-5am it is prime time for american (mostly latin american) users and the party rooms jumpstart again.

    there still aren't any bots, occasionally you see 2-3 characters around 70 level "botting" (i have seen autoclickers that do a better job) but they get reported and banned immediately, and after a week or so frost gets updated and they stop working again. long story short, no we dont have any problems absolutely.

    i suggest that you ignore certain forum trolls that will tell you that the server is dead for the sole reason that it is you that will lose off on the best server you have played on in years, big and exponentially growing community with no bots and no lag whatsoever.

    i myself came from ncwest and i have never regretted it. innova is doing a great job and fοr your information nckorea has more regards for these servers than for the ncwest ones (i swear to god, i haven't seen anything more unprofessional than the jokes that ncwest calls servers).
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  4. Rangur

    Rangur User

    short answer: from what i have seen in my first week here so far, yes. i quit ncwest about a year ago because of botters and took a one year break. if you hate botters and cheaters, this server is for you. playing the game any actually being able to quest/xp/party without encountering bots *everywhere* is real nice.

    i just wish i had known about this situation earlier :)
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