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Experiment 40 Elmore's Noble Box

Discussion in 'Latest Experiments' started by Tully, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. Tully

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    let’s open elmore’s noble box:
    the choice is not that wide:
    some weapon fragments, armor blocks
    and poaches are inside.
    and even though there is no lack
    completely at this stage,
    we made this test to prove that you
    are scrolling down the page.


    purpose: to determine the chance of getting items from [​IMG] elmore's noble box acquired in the quest operation roaring flame.

    during the experiment we opened 10 000 elmore's noble boxes. rewards and chances of obtaining them are presented in the table below:


    conclusion: as we see the most commonly acquired item for the quest operation roaring flame is high-grade weapon and armor fragments. and the most rare thing is eternal recipe pouch.