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Experiment 43 M. Crit. Attack with Marks

Тема в разделе "Latest Experiments", создана пользователем Yumi, 2 окт 2013.

  1. Yumi

    Yumi Innova Group

    tags: [skills]

    languid with heat
    unravel your powerful sword
    and attack.


    purpose: to check the chance of m. critical for wynn summoner's marks.

    experiment: wynn spectral master (lvl. 99) attacked aeore healer (lvl. 99) with mark of weakness (lvl. 8). we made a sample of 1000 hits for each m. crit. atk. value and divided it into 10 parts of 100 hits.

    we'd like to draw your attention to the fact that we've already done a test where we checked the real m. crit. atk. chance for feoh wizards. this experiment only proves the previous one and here are its results:


    conclusion: at the moment the maximum magic critical attack chance is about 30%.