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question's about game.

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем iamnewhere, 8 окт 2013.

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  1. iamnewhere

    iamnewhere User

    hi i am kinda new here, i rolled few days ago summoner level 88.
    and i was wondering if some one could help me by answering some questions i have .
    so i am not so familar with g.o.d latest patch and i would like ask few questions

    1.is there anywhere some sort of website or guide to know which quests r worth doing on dailybases or weekly inorder to get nice xp and andena?

    beside k85,tere,soa,nersery - that i arleady found out;)

    2.how crafting system work in this game?, how can i obtain better gear from what i got now r-event gear.
    cuz i dont see how i can obtain 10 bilion adena to buy gear 0_o it insane amount.

    3.since last patch can you tell me best places to level as summoner and with whom it better duo for xp if needed?

    places i already know s3,harken(or w/e it called where the place i got my 85 aweakning).

    4.is there any pve guild looking for active player?;) a good pve guild with decent clanhall and active guild events

    make no mistake- i already searched how play my class to the best;).
  2. Lizzzy

    Lizzzy User

    1. maybe this site will help you out a bit http://boards.lineage2.com/showthread.php?t=224059

    2. crafting is still a bit broken atm because of all those new material recipes which are hard to get and are expensive. and as a summoner you can be in immortal till 95 imo. otherwise, there is a chance to get armor/weapon as a drop in instances or rb's.

    3. dunno what lvl are you atm but you can go to fairy settlement and try there. or if you're higher than 90 maybe try garden of genesis. for duo i always take iss for full buffs all the time.

    4. i know of 1 pve clan lvl 11 with ch. look for it in game under clan entries. it says pve only if i remember right.
  3. Sanek

    Sanek User

    this thread @ ncwest forums should be of little help. at the moment, most quests don't give much adena, expect 1-time ones, as fortuna, for example. it's basically a list of quests/instances for each lvl, but it should give u a general idea.

    since lindvior, there are not many drops, so what you will get is mainly exp, i'm afraid.

    crafting, at this very moment, is quite hard. mats required and downgrade/upgrade recipes are not too easy to obtain; even though the recipes, and keymats do drop/spoil, i sincerely doubt that it will be any cheaper to attempt crafting than to gather adena and simply buy ready parts.

    s3 should be perfectly solo-able. s2 is nice, too. if you're feeling lucky you can try dropping some twilight items in prison of darkness (around 90, and care - some mobs around deal crazy damage). fairy settlement could be an option, too -- even though the exp is not exactly crazy, you can always drop a kimerian's trace and waste your happy 5-10 mins to fight one, hoping for some 0.01-0.05% chance of drops. seal of shilen is perfectly solo-able @ 90+, yet due to lvl difference, it doesn't pay off before, let's say, 94. why bother anyway, exp in s3 is acceptable until 97. on 93 u will get 2 dailies there, meaning around 800-900kk extra exp for simply killing some mobs (which, even at lvls like 98, equals to a k-solo).

    below 90 monastery of silence is not bad for adenas (with respectable quest, of course - but the place's crowded a lot). oh, and of course, don't forget joining some zaken/freya groups before u hit 90, always some chance of drops.

    try clan entrance, i am pretty sure some pve clans recruiting there.
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