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Experiment 44 CON and Physical Debuffs

Discussion in 'Latest Experiments' started by Yumi, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. Yumi

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    tags: [stats]

    constitution, shortly – con.
    is a useful stat, come on.
    we shall prove if it assists
    you to get debuff resists.​


    purpose: to find out if increase in con affects resistance to such debuffs as [​IMG] superior aggression aura and [​IMG] giant root.

    attacker1: sigel phoenix knight lvl. 99, no buffs, no equipment, used skill [​IMG] superior aggression aura

    attacker2: iss hierophant lvl. 99, no buffs, no equipment, used skill [​IMG] giant root

    target: othell adventurer lvl. 99, no buffs, no equipment. con value for the tests was set to 82 and then to 200.

    experiment: for each set of values the attackers used their skills 400 times. the results can be observed in the table below.


    conclusion: as you can see from the table, an increase in con didn't affect much the target's resistance to [​IMG] superior aggression aura while the resistance to [​IMG] giant root increased by 12% . it is true though that in the real game conditions it is impossible to increase con that much but the tendency is clear.
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  2. itherus

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    so con is useless stat for most of dd's... only hp cp and shield success rate.