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Experiment 56 Accuracy and Evasion influence on received and inflicted damage

Тема в разделе "Latest Experiments", создана пользователем Tully, 30 окт 2013.

  1. Tully

    Tully Innova Group

    tags: [stats]

    accuracy and evasion…
    well, my rhyming here fails.
    as it is a good occasion,
    here’s a pic with two females.


    purpose: to check the accuracy and evasion influence on received and inflicted damage.

    experiment: two othell adventurers, lvl. 99 with a [​IMG] amaranthine shaper and conducted a number of experiments with autoattack and cancelled damage variation.

    in the first test both characters had basic accuracy (169) and evasion (172) values.

    in the second test we increased attacker's accuracy up to 190 and didn't target's evasion change (172). for accuracy improvement we used the following items:

    [​IMG] baium's soul ring

    [​IMG] queen ant's soul ring

    [​IMG] accuracy demon circlet

    [​IMG] talisman (r-grade) - p. accuracy (passive)

    [​IMG] yellow talisman - accuracy

    [​IMG] accuracy juice

    in the third test target's evasion grew up to 277 and attacker's accuracy remained unchanged from the last test (190). for evasion boost we used:

    [​IMG] final ultimate evasion

    [​IMG] superior movement

    [​IMG] evasion demon circlet

    [​IMG] talisman (r-grade) - evasion (passive)

    [​IMG] yellow talisman - evasion

    [​IMG] evasion juice

    in the last test target' evasion remained unchanged from the last test (277) and attacker's accuracy went down to the initial one (169).

    here are the results of all tests:

     evasion 172evasion 277accuracy 16913611361accuracy 19013611361
    conclusion: as we expected, accuracy and evasion changes don't affect damage.
  2. tcetso

    tcetso User

    i think you missed the point of the test here. accuracy should be tested for increase in critical hits (double damage) not for normal damage increase.