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Kamaloka - Heine - missing or wrong drop of quest item

Discussion in 'Game Bugs' started by Kamal, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Kamal

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    i've started the quest "mutated kaneus - heine", killed 1st boss and received item "blade otis' cellular tissue". next day, after defeating boss from 46 lvl kamaloka, i haven't received the next quest item "weird burnei's cellular tissue". i thought it was my fault in cause of using summon to kill it, so i've repeat it next day -nothing again.

    so - it happened two times already. more and more ppl shouts about on chat, so it's best time to post it.

    most people who haven't made the 43 lvl kamaloka yet and started with 46 lvl one, declares that they've received "blade otis' cellular tissue" from the the 43 lvl kamaloka.

    steps needed to reproduce the error.

    just make 46 lvl kamaloka - simple way

    graphics data (screenshots, videos).

    none :<. i'll try make get one, i'm 52 lvl already...
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  2. DarkWings

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    43 working as it should and 46 is not.
    i haven't received quest item from weird bunei