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[November 2013] Experimentarium poll

Тема в разделе "Experiments Archive", создана пользователем Pazak, 1 ноя 2013.


Which experiments do you want to be released in November?

  1. 1

    8 голосов
  2. 2

    3 голосов
  3. 3

    8 голосов
  4. 4

    8 голосов
  5. 5

    5 голосов
  6. 6

    3 голосов
  7. 7

    4 голосов
  8. 8

    9 голосов
  9. 9

    4 голосов
  10. 10

    7 голосов
  11. 11

    2 голосов
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    4 голосов
  13. 13

    9 голосов
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  1. Pazak

    Pazak Innova Group

    hello, guys!

    november has come, which means more voting!

    we have 13 experiments on the poll this time. you can submit your request for december in this thread!

    the requests are:

    1) skill enchant at level 99 by ptitlaby
    experiment : does skill enchant at level 99 increase skill level after 99 ?

    reason : i want to know if there is some hidden "skill level" for 99 skills being +10, like before goddess of destruction (+1 = skill level 76, +10 = skill level 79 and so on).

    test : charactera is wynn summoner, characterb is any class. both have standard iss buff level 4 and wizard harmony

    charactera launch exile (not enchanted) on character b for several times, while character b is not wearing the tauti ring
    charactera launch exile (enchanted to +10 cost on character b for several times, we write down the land rate
    charactera launch exile (enchanted to +10 chance on character b for several times who is wearing a tauti ring (increase resistance by 10 to banishment), we write down the land rate

    2) othells mdef by golemka
    experiment: othells mdef
    question: how does affect higher mdef against feohs
    reason: saw some othells that are getting low damage from a same equipped feoh so i would like to test with the low(aq,baium,frintezza,istinaearr,zaken) the med(soulaq,soulbaium,soulfrintezza,istinaearr,anth aras) , med2(istinaring,octaring,octaneck,istinaearr,octae arr) and the high(tauti,wyrm,blessedvalakas,blessedanth,lindvio r) jewels if possible

    3)ancient kartia traces in solo kartiablogiete
    experiment: chances to get ancient kartia traces in solo kartia (85 90 95)
    question: what is chance to get ancient kartia traces in solo kartia
    reason: after lindvior update, when drops rate was nerfed i never had ancient kartia traces drop in kartia..

    4)debuff resistance by razzly
    experiment: the meaning of "debuff resistance"
    question: i would like to know for what exactly kind of debuffs it actually works - wynn marks, iss transformations, othell dark paralysis and stuns

    reason: to get acknowledged in what situations debuff resistance actually matters

    [​IMG] final ultimate evasion - othell roguefor 30 seconds, increases p. evasion by 60, m. evasion by 60, m. def. by 20%, p. skill evasion rate by 60% and debuff resistance. has a 40% chance of canceling the enemy's targeting when attacked.othell rogue

    5) mysterious boxes from ceremony of chaos by sanek
    experiment:eek:pen ~1k mysterious boxes from ceremony of chaos to determine what are the chances of getting the belt, and other stuff (lifestones, crystal fragments - and "nothing", of course). then, open ruler's consideration pouches, to check what are the rewards and chances (till this time saw only empty ones, and top ls).

    6) whether tank's agro and justice punishment depend on weapon's grade bahamucio
    experiment: landing success in pvp on tank's agro and justice punishment if they depends of weapons grade ?

    reason: it seem so me they lands more often with higher grade than with lower.

    7)best dps for feoh by snowyz
    experiment: best dps for feoh, int or wit.
    question: if raises wit or int, wich one would boost better the damage?
    reason: to know if boost pure damage is better or boost wit for cast and magic critical rate would do a better damage in large scale.

    8)crit dmg epics and skills by trancelvania
    experiment: crit dmg epics and skills
    question: which classes get the skills affected by the crit dmg effect from epic jewls (aq, octa, etc)
    reason: to see for which classes does the crit dmg bonus works when hit with skill criticall hit.

    9)feoh death fear by djewilz
    experiment: feoh death fear, mass death fear
    question: i would like base lands rates of these skills +0/+10 chance land vs 99 char and also another test with all mental type boost(including jewels, dual mental trait, feoh skills enchanted on fear land) to see how good it lands for example on dagger 99 with(b.zaken, b.antharas) with angel of death skill and same but w/o angel of death.
    reason: to see it it's worth to make dual mental trait and other stuff to increase fear land rate.

    10) yul archer with diferents armors by walkirye
    experiment: yul archer with diferents armors.

    question: i want to test the diferences between seraph heavy (atk type), seraph light (enchant type) and enternal light (enchant type), in both way, defense and dps. method:
    for dps: yul 99 with the 3 armors using tornado shot, again healer 99 with any armor (the same for the 3 tests)
    for defense: yul 99 using tornado shot, again another yul 99 using the 3 armors, and if is posible 1 time with no element on armor and another with full 3x120 (2x each element).

    reason: to see how many diference are between each kind of armor, and if it worth to buy the r99 without pve/pvp enhancement.

    11)feoh damage reduction by walkirye
    experiment: feoh damage reduction.

    question: i want to know how many damage of a magic skill can be reduced from accesoryes.
    char a will be feoh 99 with full eternar set and a amaranthine weapon, bssr on, full iss buff, char b will be another dps (tyrr, othell, wynn, yul) full iss buff with full twilight jewerly set first and then with eternal jewerly set, and if is posible post the mdef diference self and full buffed with warrior harmony.

    reason: to see how many accesories afect the damage from magic skills.

    12) increase of m.crit in +6 sets by lilith
    experiment: increase of m.crit in +6 sets.

    question: how much does the m.critical increase at 99 level with armor enchants?

    reason: to know the increase of magic critical attack with eternal +6 sets in pvp aganist +0 and +3 one

    13) tank skill dmg by ebl001
    experiment: tank skill dmg

    question1: how str increases sigel knight skill dmg's ?

    question2: how p atk. increases sigel knight skill dmg's ?

    reason:i would like to know more p atk or more str gives more damage in pvp sigel knight from skills

    only 5 of those requests will be accepted, and you must decide which ones!
    vote for the request that you consider the most interesting and wait for them to be released in november!

    this poll will be closed on tuesday, (november, 5th)!
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  2. SnoWyz

    SnoWyz User

    feoh's, vote in 7 xd
  3. golemka

    golemka User

    hey , hey!
    youve made a mistake mister! please edit the 2nd , its not that test what i want :(
  4. Vikea

    Vikea User

    number of mysterious boxes opened: 200
    items received:
    mysterious belt (3-day) - 33
    yellow soul crystal fragment r99 - 1
    improved life stone r95 - 69 (high-grade)
    improved life stone r99 - 67 (high-grade)
    improved life stone r95 - 20 (top-grade)
    improved life stone r99 - 12 (top-grade)

    from: http://boards.lineage2.com/showthread.php?t=241611
    Последнее редактирование модератором: 2 ноя 2013
  5. SweetDreamZ

    SweetDreamZ User

    schmmmmmmetterling !
    DogyBoync и jlobe нравится это.
  6. a.chalikias

    a.chalikias User

    pls make e experiment for ''random'' or ''radom including spoil'' we have many saggestions if or 1 or another is buged.
  7. Razzly

    Razzly Banned

    dear user,
    these experiments were chosen from the request from previous month. you can add yours to the next experiment requests.

  8. Pazak

    Pazak Innova Group

    the poll is closed!

    i thank you for your vote!

    here are the results:

    1st place:

    two requests got the same highest amoung of votes.

    • tank skill dmg by ebl001 - 12.16%
    • crit dmg epics and skills by trancelvania - 12.16%

    2nd place:

    and 3 winners here!

    • ancient kartia traces in solo kartia blogiete
    • skill enchant at level 99 by ptitlaby
    • debuff resistance by razzly

    congratulations to the winners! these 5 requests will be posted in the next 4 weeks!

    if you have a request, post it in this thread!
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