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Experiment 58 Accuracy and Physical Skills Success Rate

Discussion in 'Latest Experiments' started by Tully, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. Tully

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    tags: [skills] [stats]

    used to land a normal hit?
    see evasion missing it?
    boost up accuracy. lord!
    will evasion be ignored?​


    purpose: to find out how character's accuracy affects the land rate for physical skills on target under evasion effects.

    attacker: sigel phoenix knight lvl. 99 equipped with [​IMG] amaranthine cutter

    target: othell wind rider lvl. 99 equipped with [​IMG] amaranthine shaper

    experiment: sigel phoenix knight used [​IMG] justice punishment against the target in each of 2 tests.

    test 1: in this test we checked evasion skills without changing the attacker's accuracy. in this test the attacker's p. accuracy equaled 172. target's p. evasion changed in accordance with the evasion skills being used:

    191no skills266[​IMG] final ultimate evasion231[​IMG] angel of death191[​IMG] shadow dodge
    the results of 200 blows for each skill are shown in the table below.


    test 2:

    to increase attacker's p. accuracy till 189 we used the following items:

    [​IMG] baium's ring
    [​IMG] queen ant's ring
    [​IMG] yellow talisman - accuracy
    [​IMG] talisman (r-grade) - p. accuracy (passive)
    [​IMG] accuracy juice
    [​IMG] accuracy demon circlet

    the results of this test can be observed in the table below.


    conclusion: as you can see, the results of the two tests are practically identical. a couple percent difference is more of a statistical discrepancy. so accuracy doesn't really influence the land rate for skills.
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  2. NemesysX

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    take 2x identical othels and remake the test, cuz you ppl started to become useless and funny.
    go test if accuracy and evasion affect skills that are depended on it, not some useless random ****.
  3. Walkirye

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    noone physical skill depend on paccuracy or pevasion (they never miss) but just from skill evasion rate provided by self buff (aka ultimate evasion, etc).