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Experiment 62 Giant's Skills

Discussion in 'Latest Experiments' started by Tully, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Tully

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    giant's skill. you got one.
    have you ever wondered, mate,
    whether we this even need?
    i had doubts. i tested it.

    purpose: to investigate the efficiency and features of giant's skills.

    experiment: the theoretical chance of acquiring skills has been taken from our previous experiment. the results of the test can be seen in the table below:


    features of groups of skills

    passive: very useful, but the chance of acquiring them is low

    buffs: quick cool-down. can be replaced only by themselves. iss buffs (melodies, harmonies, sonatas) and [​IMG] battle rhapsody do not replace them

    debuffs 5 sec: are not very useful but have the highest chance of acquiring.

    debuffs (both types): are replaced by similar debuffs, for example, giant’s critical weakness can be replaced by othell’s debuffs. they have 100% land rate , even when being used by a 1 lvl. character with no buffs and no equip on a 99 lvl. character with full equip, epic jewelry and buss. like regular debuffs they fail if the target has defense against debuffs like [​IMG] angel’s touch.

    invincibility: have the longest cool-down. leave no debuff after being used but cannot be used when the character is under debuff from other invincibility skills.

    conclusion: it is obvious that these skills have their specific features and are useful, but they are really difficult to get so in the end they may not be worth the effort.
  2. crazeey

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    lol conclusion :d you guys get more pathetic with every experiment. where innova is finding you? stand-up comedy contests?
  3. FeeLSD

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    what do you want to hear? if you have any suggestions i am sure that everyone would be happy to hear them.
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