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Pimp Your Computer - For Lineage II

Тема в разделе "Technical Issues", создана пользователем Razzly, 18 ноя 2013.

  1. Razzly

    Razzly Banned

    hello everyone,

    i assume many people has problem with performance during the gaming. i had this issue also. because i found the cure i would like to share it with you all.

    i've tried many different solutions, i've browsed many lineage ii fansites trying to find out what is the best.
    so here it goes.

    before you start, it's wise to do a rescue point of your windows, so if you set something wrong, it will be able to set back.
    also, you will need some basic i.t. knowledge.

    first, i will start from whats the most important for lineage ii. and this is:

    1. hard disc drive

    this is the most important for this game - yes hdd. the hdd speed will decide whether you enjoy the game.
    most laptops has hdds 5400 rpm and this is not enough. though you will be able to play, it becomes totally unplayable during sieges.

    nowadays the best discs are ssd (solid state drive) and those gives the best performance.

    - quick locations load up
    - higher fps in crowded cities or big server activities
    - no blackscreens (you see the location in same moment while you appear for anyone)

    for curious people - hdd vs ssd

    warning! please choose carefully if you wish to buy ssd. from my knowledge the best (and the fastest) ssds are samsung 830 or samsung 840. do not buy others or you will risk wasting your money.

    your computer must have sata 3. sata 2 is also good but will not give you 100% ssd speed.

    some other clues:
    - for best performance windows must be also on ssd
    - 128 gb ssd is the minimum!

    the price for 128 gb ssd 840 evo is around ~80 euro

    2. processor

    this is second important thing.
    the best is of course i7 processor. i had i5 before but it didnt work as good as i7. it wasn't any better even after i've overclocked i5 from 2.5 ghz to 4.7 ghz. there was improvement but not as big as i wanted.

    i suspect its because i5 processor doesn't have hyperthreading feature or maybe i5 is usually 2 physical cores while i7 is 4 core.

    also it is best to have feature called turbo boost. it increases processor speed when only half of cores are engaged in work.

    3. windows tweaks

    this is the cheapest way to increase performance.

    so here we go:

    - windows compositions

    (right click on "my computer" -> properties -> advanced system settings -> tab visual effects -> tick last one.

    this drastically improved my fps during game.

    if you dont want your windows to be seen as if it is windows 98 please tick this options:
    - use visual style for windows and buttons
    - smooth fonts edges

    - virtual memory

    be careful: this one is dangerous for your pc and it might not start again if you fail. it is recommended to do only by experienced people or making restore point.

    if you have enough ram memory it is good idea to restrict virtual memory. virtual memory slows down computer a lot.

    (right click on "my computer" -> properties -> advanced system settings -> advanced -> virtual memory -> change

    warning: pc in most cases does not allow to set it to 0. i've used safe numbers and left virtual memory at level of 1024 mb.

    remember: you need to have enough memory!! 6 gb will be enough. otherwise you may encounter many blue screens of death with error "too low ram memory" or automatic reboots.

    3. graphic card tweak

    because i use almost all the time nvidia's gpus i will show also tweaks only for those cards. i am sorry i don't have any radeon!

    go to your nvidia control panel (usually in a tray).

    im sorry for polish language but i dont have english one.

    at the first window please tick: "use advanced settings 3d screen" it will force programs to use your settings.

    in this windows you can set your gpu. it's very simple and cannot do any harm to your gpu.


    i will simply give you clues how to set it:

    - if you have laptop you have to set proper gpu - it is called "nvidia processor with big performance". otherwise laptop can use integrated gpu
    - texture filtration - quality - set to "best performance"
    - triple buffering - turn on/activate
    - maximum rendered frames - set it to "4"
    - energy management - set it to "prefer best performance" (laptops only)

    the options above are the most important and gives biggest impact.
    if any option is gray it is unavailable for your graphic card.

    4. usefull programs:

    razer game booster - it has ability to turn off most of the unnessesary programs during game. it can increase fps during game. link here.

    ccleaner - always keep your registry in good shape. if it messy, it's slower. weekly cleaning is enough for your windows to be at its peak. link here

    this topic will be continuosly updated if something more will come into my mind. feel free to spam me about help on forum. good luck!
  2. A1S2D3

    A1S2D3 User

    you do realize that there is only few game nowadays which has taken some of adventage over hyperthreading ? and if your tight on budget there is no point to spend the extra money on something which wouldnt be so useful in game like lineage2.
    hyperthreading will be only useful in next gen games and lately only bf4 seems to take advantage over it. you can take i7 if you can over reach your budget and if you are multi tasking , but there is no point taking i7 over i5 if you only gonna play games on it...
    over than that basic steps for newbie's kinda useless , but still guide...
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  3. akaravas

    akaravas User

    how can you start l2 4game throu razer game booster? (if you start it throu system l2.exe file you get error.)
    thank you!
  4. Razzly

    Razzly Banned


    hello akaravas,
    it is not possible to launch game via l2.exe therefore you cannot use this feature from razer game booster. though you can use all other features for benefit of your pc,

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  5. Walkirye

    Walkirye User

    razzly i know that u do this with the best intentions, but u should know that these pc setup (hardware) its pretty imposible to get for most of us.

    with that pc spec, anyone can run any new mmo with even better fps that on lineage2, and i think that its not fault of the player if the game are running on a 8 years old (maybe more) graphic engine, wich also have been forced a lot with all the new graphic and skill on god.

    i also know that its not fault of innvoa at all, but you and nckorea (as company) should be looking for a -company side- improvement. (aca, new client; new engine; new textures).

    ncsoft, actually have aion engine, b&s engine, wich are by far better than unreal2 (and more accourate to a mmo game type), so, why not use it?. im pretty sure that all of us (i mean players) will be really pleased if nc announce a new game engine, despite that new race for incoming updates, or any other change to the game.

    also, let me say that, so far, if i do a comparision between my ping/fps on core to my ex server (magmeld) i should say that i have a much better gameplay on core, and that was one of the thing that i really enjoy since june. also mean that u as company are doing a good job with the server spec.

    also, i leave this guide for those ppl who actually have a good ram (more than 16gb) but not an a ssd. what this guide do is to load all the l2 client text/systext/animations to your ram, like if this was reading from a hard drive (its copyed to the ram actually), so, it will be loaded faster when needed.

    be carefull and do this only if u actually know what ure doing (im not responsable for any dmg to your ram):

  6. khaot

    khaot User

    u cant be serious, more lies please :)
    even l2 doesnt support more then one core.
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  7. NageM

    NageM User

  8. Sun40

    Sun40 User

    a program good for multiboxing is "minimem"
    what it does is optimizing the ram usage of the selected tasks .
    for example if you run usually a client with 600 mb ram constant usage (open task bar to check) , using this program after some time the ram usage decreases to 200 mb without hurting anything of your ingame experiance .
    well , obviously if you run just 1 client the program won't be of any help i guess , but if u run 10+ clients at time , it's real helpfull .
  9. Karmaniola

    Karmaniola User

    I can't resist. Since L2 is heavily depended to the read/write speed from your hard drive, of course, an SSD would help a lot.

    There is also one thing that could boost the read/write speed even further.

    RAM disk, you don't have to load all folders, just the critical ones, like Maps, Animation etc

    Here is a detailed guide http://boards.lineage2.com/showpost.php?p=3250966&postcount=1

    Also something about your OS. As you are logged in game normally, open task manager, services, find L2, right-click, set "High Priority". It will allocate more resources to that application, especially if you have x64 installed, and above 4GB RAM.

    Of course the above, you will have to do them, every time you open the game.

  10. LikeAVirgin

    LikeAVirgin User

    i7 4790k @4.9ghz 2x gtx 980, 2x samsung evo ssd 256 mb

    instant loadings, zero fps drops, not a single slowdown on most populated servers :)

    this guide is bullcrap, never use VRAM with ssds, you gonna slow them down, and lower the lifetime
    graphic options will give u like some fps but the game will still shutter due to hdd slowdowns.

    What you need for l2 is a cheap ssd, 64 gb is more then enough, an core2duo or smth wich can go over 3.6 ghz.

    Lineage 2 is all about core speed, it uses 2 cores, 1 for the game, 1 for networking. together with an ssd you can get a decent gameplay.
    it also doesnt matter what video card you have, since it its a cpu depand game, a old gtx 260 is mooore then enough.
  11. procc

    procc User

    What is your fps during CS with few hundred ppl in one place?
    Or what is your fps during antharas/valakas/lindvior etc., battles?
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  12. Totoris

    Totoris User

    Hello, I have some suggestions as well:

    1. it could move to 64bit and
    2. become LAUNCHER free, or have an update launcher as most of the online games.
    3. and please never ever ever ever ever ever attach it to NET.framework of visual C or JAVA or some other bull..., then you can throw this game to rubbish bin forever.
    4. (A BUG) Player shadows and building shadows does not meet same timezone or smth.
    5. self defense option or ingame toggle button could be added so player would defend him self if attacked by monsters if you are AFK and making tea or smth.
  13. t0mas

    t0mas User

    What if I want to Lure a mob to you so you die ? You cant add such thing that modify the game like that
  14. S.e.t.t

    S.e.t.t Banned

    So, couple poiters:

    1) the one single best performance tip is adding these two lines to your options.ini (and yes, it IS legal):
    Because, apparently, after ten years of intermitent development it is too much to ask NCsoft to fix the 32MB VRAM limit. Without this it doesn't matter what GPU you have, you'll still render everything from your system memory @ the corresponding clock speeds.

    2) RAMdisk (ramdrive, memdrive, whatever), is useless in most cases, and actually harmful in many. If you have lots of unused RAM, Windows keeps a copy of whatever you read from/wrote to HDD in there, therefore keeping loaded whichever areas you recently visited. With 16GB that means pretty much all of Lineage data. The second time you load the same area you have literally zero loading time (dual box DOES count).
    If you use ramdrive, windows STILL makes a copy of the data in whatever part of ram is still free, but there is obviously much less of it.
    Unless you have your entire Lineage folder in ramdrive, it means the rest will load even slower/more often.

    2b) Properly set ramdrive can drastically improve life expectancy of an SSD, but poorly set one can also kill it much faster. Just stay away unless you actually know what you're doing.

    3) i5 usually means 4 physical cores with no HT, but there are exceptions in both 2+HT and 4+HT directions. While Lineage can only utilize one core, whether physical or virtual, four Lineage windows can utilize four, and a browser with a couple of open tabs can utilize much, much more (yay for ads). i7 is waste of money for gaming.

    4) GPU hardly matters in L2. You can get somewhat playable 20FPS on CSs with a GeForce 6200LE with some tweaking. If your CPU sucks, disable shadows.

    5) If you want to improve performance, get rid of Frost.