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Yul vs Othell DEX & STR / Bow vs Dagger

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Umbral, 25 ноя 2013.

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  1. Umbral

    Umbral User

    1. it seems archers have different skill critical rate than daggers

    at 90 dex with archer there is 27.9% chance to do a skill critical : https://4gameforum.com/showthread.php?t=17809

    at 80 dex with dagger there is 44% chance to do a skill critical :

    is this because dagger has the smallest power attack compared to archer that has the biggest power attack... so they try a kind of balance ?

    since power attack doesn't bring a significant bonus to skill damage, does that mean that daggers are slightly better than archers ?

    2. does the reset/double duration chance based on str also differs between archer / dagger ?

    3. can anyone tell me how much power attack at 99 a dagger and an archer have with top gear ? (approximately)

    4. anyone knows how much normal critical rate limit is increased for wind rider on next update ?
    potential critical : the physical critical maximum rise.

    thank you !
  2. Walkirye

    Walkirye User

    1- no, that means that dagger have 10% more chance to do skill crit, also, u bring to comparision 2 test from diferent chronicles, wich can be different from current state. archers hit everithing in a 1100 radious (900 xbow), dagger not. archers have better autoattack (wich actually even with me on is lower that skill, but still good), dagger have 4 skill lethal while archer only one (so chance, wich is totally random is x4). archer can kite more easy, survive more easy, while dagger requieres much more attention on what u are doing (and prolly, better armor imho)

    2- skill mastery is more random than actually static stat, afaik its the same for both (same skill pasive). to put an example, sometimes i do 4, 5 or even 6 skills in a row with no reuse, sometimes i need to use autoattack.

    3- as sayed on 1, its very situational. brute overall power, yul, but a experiended dagger can do double the damage than a archer can do (crits over 40k)... on open field, none of both, the best aoe damage is feoh, on close or reduced space, othell ofc.
    if u ask about dps, imho archer are better, cuz they have the range benefit, and didnt need to run behind his target (wich is wasted time).

    4 the same as any other race, 500. these skill make reference to physical skill i think.
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