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Experiment 68 Shilen's Breath and EXP Bonus Increase

Discussion in 'Latest Experiments' started by Tully, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. Tully

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    tags: [other game mechanics aspects]

    i don’t know which toothpaste brand
    shilen used to brush her teeth.
    but her breath – man, this is grand -
    makes experience increase.​


    purpose: to find out how debuff shilen's breath lvl.2 affects exp bonus.

    attacker: othell lvl. 99

    experiment: in order to establish the increase in exp bonus with [​IMG] shilen's breath lvl. 2 the attacker killed regular mobs, raid bosses and an instance raid boss under this debuff and without it. the results of the experiment can be observed in the table below.


    conclusion: as you can see from the table exp bonus increase with [​IMG] shilen's breath lvl. 2 applies to all types of mobs and equals 1% of the base exp rate.