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LV zone farms

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Vango, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. Vango

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    hi, since its been almost 2 years when i last leveled up my subclasses, ive forgotten some things. back then rbs gave a lot of xp, so no need at all to farm, but seems things have changed now. what im asking is if anyone has a sort of guide on manually leveling up by farm. im talking about best place to xp for that corresponding level, starting from lv 40 to 80.
  2. Rangur

    Rangur User

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    odd, raidbosses do give a lot of xp. maybe it was even more 2 years ago, i don't know. but many players form raidboss camp parties all the time and pretty much all raidbosses from around a-grade upwards are perma-camped.

    however if you want to kill mobs, my suggestion would roughly be:

    40-42 cruma lower floor
    43-52 cuma upper floor
    52-55 sea of spores (also do kekropus/steel door coin quest quest there)
    55-60 forsaken plains (also do kekropus/steel door coin quest quest there)

    in the 60s levels there are too many options which are all viable, and the differences are marginal.

    you could start looking for lower level raidboss parties, do toi solo or in group, do kamaloca, do dailies, or just farm wherever you like. if you continue the "kill mobs" route, be sure to go xp in wall of argos at high 60s levels until low or even medium 70s level, you get good xp there (until one or more bots invade your spot and start thinning out the mobs. if you found one without bots at all, on some days that can be pretty hard recently).
  3. Relic

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    no point of killing bosses till you are like lvl 60+
    until that its faster to xp by killing mobs.
    anyway rangur said all you need to do.
  4. deherch

    deherch User

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    since lindvior update, mentees only get 50% xp bonus from mentor compared to 200%? before. maybe that's it?

    edit: for leveling, it's best to stick with the leveling zones that steel door guild quests send you to. other areas usually give a lot less xp. however, they can get crowded sometimes so take that into account :)

    and once you hit arround 60~70 ish, raid camps become pretty much the easiest way to level up.
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