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Experiment 74 Stats and Sigel's Aggression

Discussion in 'Latest Experiments' started by Tully, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. Tully

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    tags: [stats] [skills]

    tanks will always be tanks
    no matter what race they are
    no matter what stat they max
    no matter what kind of char


    purpose: to find out how race stats influence the [​IMG] superior aggression skill.

    attacker: sigel phoenix knight lvl.99, full buff, no jewelry.

    target: wynn elemental master lvl. 99, full buff, no jewelry.

    experiment: sigel phoenix knight attacked the target with the skill [​IMG] superior aggression 500 for each set of hits. for each series 1 of attacker's stats was increased to 200. the results can be seen in the table below.


    conclusion: as you can see from the results, none of the race stats affects the success rate of [​IMG] superior aggression skill. the slight difference in value fits with the random chance of success for the skill.
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  2. Relic

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    lmao this cant be real life.

    who is the potato who asks for these tests ?
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