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Good class for a newbie?

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем enosh, 11 янв 2014.

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  1. enosh

    enosh User

    hi there!

    i am thinking of picking up lineage and playing on l2 innova eu server. my biggest concern right now is what class to pick as i have a limited knowledge about it.

    i want something that kills stuff quite fast and isn't too hard to play, but i also like playing a buffer :d
    preferably a ranged hero (unless you recommend me to pick swordsinger or a bladedancer. i hope they aren't chore to level up).

    thanks in advance, cheers!
  2. Razzly

    Razzly Banned

    hi enosh,

    you should not really rely on somebodie's else opinion because all other people will advice you to:
    - pick the character that is usually most needed but you might not actually like it after all
    - pick the character they love but yet again you might not actually like it

    there are few kinds of characters in the world of lineage ii:
    - range dd (wynn, feoh, yull)
    - close range dd (othell rogue, tyrr)
    - tank (sigel)
    - healer (aeore)
    - buffer (iss enchanter)

    as a feature of god , every character can kill on its own - one better one worse.

    if you want to kill creeps fast its usually feoh or yull.

    buffer of healer - not big choice as it is only aeore healer or iss enchanter.

    and most of the cases - play what you like the most - not what other say its good or needed (unless you are going to play with friends and form a cp right away).
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