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many questions :)

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем prOwO, 15 янв 2014.

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  1. prOwO

    prOwO User

    so guys im from greece and i was playing i private server for some years,so i decide to join ur server bcz i know from friend who come here that is more pvp more balance etc etc....so
    if some1 can help me with start somehow because things is much deferend here....like

    where i exp?
    how i get armors waepons ec?
    whats good class for pvp and farm bcz i need both for now :)
    is any clan who recruite noobs and help them rich a good lvl of knowlege and chars lvl?
    i stop ask i hope i get answer and much better help soon :)

    sorry for my english guys
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  2. ginaki7

    ginaki7 User

    hi there and welcome!

    you can xp grinding on spots if you want while doing the chain quest that get unlocked from adventures helper on specifics lvls.those quests are daily.or else you can search raids or open party maching and check if there is any pt for raid.they give very good xp.more or less you do this till 85.

    for armor before 85 you can be with even c and only buy a weapon although while you do the daily quests you obtain some steal door coins which can provide you armor that can be upgraded from c--->b--->a etc. when you rich 77 if you got a friends iss would be good so he can power lvl you at swampland till 85 or search raids 80+ and you will be 85 before you notice!once you go 85 or 86 i think you get a mail with some certificate so you can buy armor low r grade weapon and jewels(immortal set/requiem weapon).try find a mentor who will be online almost all time.this way you will have buffs and mentor xp buff 5% or else if he is not online you can always take buffs from adventure helper till 85 lvl.after 85 lvl you mostly go to inctances with party so you can lvl fast or try go to s2/3 after 87 for grind and you will lvl fast.

    as far as class i wont tell you choose x class cause is good pvp or pve cause its all about skills and yourplaystyle.wynn summoner though is the best solo farm class as i hear and very good for raids.yuls and daggers are good in pvp when they get half kill and leathals mages with good equip and magic crit can kill you before you even notice etc....same old same i guess.

    as for clan there are many clans that recruit academy and have low players too.i can propose you toxic clan(clan leader and some members are greek with clan skills and they might help and advice you if you got any questions.)

    if you got more questions or want further information try google about daily quest of your lvl or check nc-west site where they got details for all or you can always pm me in game in afternoon so i can answer if you have questions and explain.i am from greece too.have fun and good luck mate!
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