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bug quest "Start of Fate" and question to drop

Discussion in 'Archive' started by soniablades, Jan 21, 2014.

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  1. soniablades

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    i am currently blocked in step 2 of the quest "start of fate" (lvl 18+) - http://l2wiki.com/labyrinth_of_belis - because of the non dropped by monsters on the ground objects.

    room 2 :
    in the middle of the second room there’s a device. you need to kill embryo handyman mobs together with the combat assistant', until yo’ve a got a belis' mark. you’ll need 3 marks in total. talk to belis verification system npc to open the door.

    in the original quest - check the ncsoft servers, "beli's mark - mark of belis" are collected from the ground, only there is no object on the ground and the quest takes just 5 minutes to finish.

    i spent 4 full levels to kill mobs without any result - i always quest of any object in the inventory despite a reset game and reset the quest.

    a ticket has been sent to the support but how to get adena, drop and recipe / stuff for future levels ?

    (sorry for the mistakes but i do not speak too much english).

    thank you for answers.

    impossible to finish the quest and the change class ...
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