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Wynn's Summons skill Feline Power does not work properly

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Lootus, 21 янв 2014.

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  1. Lootus

    Lootus User

    edit: tested in ncsoft and it works there differently. there the skill does alot less base damage and about the same damage as innova version if i use beast soulshots there. basically - if you would enable beast soulshots for the skill here it would do bugged crazy amount of damage.

    in short: you do same damage in both servers - but in innova side you cant/dont need to use beast soulshots for this skill.

    in short: wynn summoner has feline queen summons that have "feline power" skill - that is aoe. problem is that even though the skill "uses" beast soulshots you get 0% benefit from using those. i executed the skill even without beast soushots and i get the same results as if i would use those.

    tests done:
    a) tried old and new beast soulshots (other being wynn only from r-crystal) and i get same damage with both.
    b) tried with both wizard and warrior harmony. neither makes no real difference.
    c) tried with and without beast soulshots and i still get same damage from executing feline power.
    d) tested feline power aoe with d-grade bow and my damage went down significantly. therefore the skill must be either p.atk or m.atk based.
    e) tried using both the new beast spiritshots for wynn summoner and the old regular beast soulshots at the same time (since they have different name) - and the damage was same whether or not i had them both switched on.

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